The right question?


Picture: Lisa McPherson, before and after her disaster at the cult of Scientology


I was wondering if there is any precise series of questions to make a Ronbot (=Scientologist/robot) think. In a previous post “The right question. My ex and I.” I mentioned some thoughts about the DOs and DON’Ts when talking to Scientologists.

Last week I met a Scientologist in London. It was really easy to recognise him. His words were not from this world – just the typical Scientology mumbo-jumbo. He surely is one of the really deep brainwashed ones. Who else would talk to wogs (=non Scientologists) in a language that they cannot understand?

I coincidentally came up with an idea when I answered the question: “Where are you from?”
“I am from the Netherlands – the land of drug abuse.”

We discussed some drugs and I asked if he was against psychiatric abuse. I guess I don’t need to tell his answer. A bit Q&A here and there, then I humorously followed-up if he was also against child abuse in the Netherlands. It was more of a rhetorical question. “Not just in the Netherlands” he replied with confidence.

So, I summarised that abuse must be generally bad then. I said: “Hypothetically, if I had a real abuse situation at work, would you support me and help fighting against it?”
“Sure, if I could” he mumbled. He must have had an uneasy sense by then.

I explained that this was actually happening. Someone at work was harassed by the Church of Scientology. Consequently his family was falling apart. He urgently needed help.
Haha, you should have seen his sudden comm-lags (=slowing down, pausing, hesitation).
I quickly invented a full-blown story, similar to ones from the internet. He listened and did not run away.

Poor guy, I am pretty certain that he was three feet behind his head at that time.

Ok, ok. This never happened … I made the entire story up. Today’s post is not real. But it could have happened – you see? It is up to you to check this strategy out. I will also use my next opportunity to see if it works. I am pretty sure that it will. There are many ways to properly talk to Scientologists. You don’t have to harass them. Use the right words and make them think. They have not done this for quite a while, so be patient.

Wake them up!

The steps could be:
a) Are you against psychiatric abuse?
b) Are you against child abuse?
c) Obviously we all are against abuse in general.
d) Would you help me if I was abused?
e) Not me, but I know someone ……
f) Scientology abusing people. What? You did not know this? How come? Stories are all over the internet.

In a nutshell: Use the Kool-Aid drinker buttons.


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