Megalomania: Scientology vs. North Korea


Not without good reason the cult of Scientology has been compared with North Korea over and over again. Craving for buildings, which are more or less called MEST in Scientology, are a manifestation of a low position on the tone scale.

North Korea started building the Ryugyong Hotel in 1987. It is located in Pyongyang and has between 3,000 and 7,700 rooms. The real number is unclear. In 2014 the building is still under construction. From outside it looks good already.

In contrast, Scientology’s Super Power Building did not open for years despite being completed. Scientology was forced to inaugurate the building after Luis and Rocio Garcia started a fraud case against the cult. After 15 years they finally made it!

North Korea’s delays are far more acceptable. They had political issues and ran out of money after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992. But the cult of Scientology had plenty of money and kept on collecting far more than they needed.

Despite these differences both the Ryugyong hotel and the Super Power building were the result of megalomania in its purest form.

“If you build it, they will come.”

David Miscavige is as low on the tone scale as Kim Jong-un. Both did not establish any empire, they just follow in someone else’s footsteps. And while doing so they chose to keep things as they were and made them even worse.


Order of Magnitude

There are an estimated 25 million North Korean citizens. Compare this to 25,000 Scientologists. The factor between the two is roughly 1,000. Take this into consideration when you go through the table:


Scientology North Korea
Building Super Power Building Ryugyong Hotel
Construction start 1998 1987
Construction end 17 November 2013 2014?
Rooms 889 3,000 to/or 7,665
Size At 127,000 square feet (11,800 m2), the building is the largest property in Clearwater. ((Unreliable sources report up to 377,000 square feet)). 3,900,000 sq ft (360,000 m2)The Ryugyong Hotel has a height of 330 meters (1,080 ft), making it the most prominent feature of Pyongyang’s skyline and by far the tallest structure in North Korea. Construction of the Ryugyong was intended to be completed in time for the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students in June 1989; had this been achieved, it would have held the title of world’s tallest hotel.


Kim Jong-un and David Miscavige share one important factor. They do/did not deliver until the building is entirely completed. There are many ways to economically use half-finished buildings and generate revenues (other than regging). But as insane as these leaders are, they don’t care about money. Their life-style, accommodation, wine and caviar are paid already. Who cares about the ones who suffer? Self-importance and PR is all that counts. Scientology calls this “pan determinism”?

Kim Jong-un has one big advantage. North Koreans are well controlled. They cannot run away. They have much less access to the internet. Poor David! Scientologists have access to the internet and they can run away. All you can do is frighten and lie to your cash cow, but the Statue of Liberty has clearly turned against you. It is just a matter of time before she knocks on your door! Good bye!


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