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THIS IS IMPORTANT Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath is reaching far and wide. As a result, there are a lot of people coming forward with their own stories of abuse in the church. We set up an email for people to report things ( and soon hope to have a website (if I can…

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Witch Hunt


Some weeks ago I read an article on Yahoo, where Indian women were burnt for witchcraft. There are similar stories in Africa. And recently a women beheaded her baby on an altar here in the UK. Such affects me emotionally and reminds me of religious fanaticism.

Mind control is a big issue in Scientology. Although you are not burned on a stake the similarities are astonishing.

I clearly remember that my ex-wife used to ask me regularly: “What are you thinking?”

She was afraid of thoughts against Scientology and she knew she had to report any evil thoughts and counter intentions to the ethics officer. And it happened very often that I ended up being accused of evil thoughts whenever I told her that my thoughts were free and she had no right to control my thoughts. My point was and still is that actions may be punished, but definitely not thoughts.

She believed I would make her ill. My thoughts obviously had an effect in the physical universe. That is why I was not allowed to think freely. Guess how much I loved the phrase “counter intention”.

Not only did LRH say that PTS-ness comes from your own overts, I believe that the “you make me ill” is the low of the low on the responsibility scale. But who cares to actually apply the master’s teachings in practice. There was no way to discuss this in the local org. She was always right, and I was always wrong. What counted was the side you chose, not what your arguments were. I quickly understood that the cult members are always right no matter what they say as long as it makes any non-conformist wrong. This is what most likely also goes on in David Miscavige’s head.

Furthermore, there is an auditor’s policy stating that you should never say sorry and, by doing so, avoid cases caving in. Such creates the most cold-blooded and hated people in the world, doesn’t it?

I asked my ex what made her believe that I was such a big OT, being able to influence or control MEST with my pure thoughts. Are critical thoughts in Scientology more OT than any OT VIII phenomena?

I tried to explain her logically that such was impossible and not in line with the teachings. I then explicitly allowed her to kill me with her thoughts. What about an instant heart attack – cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time and LIFE? She never agreed, because deep inside she knew she could not do this.

Killing me with thoughts would not have been an ethics case, because you cannot commit overts against SPs by definition. And I guess the police wouldn’t really care as well.

But how did she get the idea I would be capable of doing such? And here is the link to witchcraft. Evil apparently is stronger than good.

People can become quite fanatic, they cannot perceive any logic. So, why do you need to become OT if you have OT powers already? Does the real world behave like in the movie “Star Wars”? Is the dark side stronger … besides Luke Skywalker? Oh man, why study white magic then? Do you really want to succumb all the time?

Evidently, I am still alive – no heart attack and no illnesses. Furthermore I am highly successful in my job. No need to propitiate a cult or spend all my time on a course that I did not really choose myself. The last holidays were the most luxurious ever. Surely, my ex would always find an excuse for that. And you know what? She works for a minimum wage. How almighty is that? Yeah, I know, it is because of me. My far distance thoughts impact her success negatively.

Scientologists always have weird excuses – like in any other religion. These can cause uncomfortable feelings to the listeners called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

This is what I experienced first-hand:
A woman with all L rundowns told me, she simply had not decided to not wear glasses. And an OT VIII explained me that he would not go exterior just to proof his abilities. Another OT claimed to be able to talk about any topic. But asking him some simple questions about sex did shut him up. And he was preaching like mad that seedless watermelons were suppressive acts against their second dynamic.

There are no OT abilities besides human abilities. But SPs seem to possess this kind of magic that Scientologists don’t. What about witches? The society assigns/assigned abilities that they are/were not having. And somehow the inquisition was always right and the victims in lose-lose situations. Priests had the direct connection to god, you know. All good comes from god; all evil is caused by evil forces. No word about the existence of evil forces due to God. No way – he never created evil. There must be a second creator in the Bible. Damn, I just cannot remember where this was written down. Everybody knows that God’s white magic succumbs to black magic.

And here we return to Scientology: OTs are weaker than SPs. How archaic is that?

Does Travolta disagree with Scientology technology?

Travolta: “I haven’t experienced anything that the hearsay has (claimed), so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?” (Tampa Bay Times)

But Scientology is teaching:

The first little gate that has to be opened to embark upon study is the willingness to know. If that gate remains closed, then one is liable to get into such things as a total memorized, word-for-word system of education, which will not result in the gain of any knowledge. Such a system only produces graduates who can possibly parrot back facts, but without any real understanding or ability to do anything with what they have been taught. (Scientology homepage)

Communication is the solvent for all things. It dissolves all things. (Scientology homepage)

KRC: In order to handle any area of one’s life, it is necessary to know something about it, take some responsibility for it and control it to the degree necessary to achieve the desired result. (Scientology homepage)

ARC: The third corner of the triangle is communication, defined as the interchange of ideas or objects between two people. In human relationships this is more important than the other two corners of the triangle. (Scientology homepage)

Can Travolta simply ignore a black panther? (ex Scientologist about the Scientology Black Panther Mechanism)

Result (EP) of Grade 0 auditing in Scientology: “Communications release”, Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

And who doesn’t know the Scientology slogans, which are repeatedly mentioned by their celebrities:

“Come in and find out for yourself.”
“Think for yourself.”

Hahahahaha, really? So, you want us to do something that you don’t do yourself?

Travolta, I like you as a person. I like you as an actor. Nevertheless, I do understand the concept of “guilt by association”. This is what your religion calls “an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or commission…“. Apply it!
You could have also said: “Why should I care about Guantanamo Bay Camps. I haven’t experienced anything that the hearsay has (claimed), so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?

Oh, why should we listen to Scientology? I personally haven’t experienced anything that you have claimed, so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?


There are so many blind Scientologists out there. They attack others for what they do themselves. They say that only people full of misdeeds (=overts) criticise others. Well, just as long as it is not them. Isn’t a demonstration criticism?
How many people did Scientology ruin? How many of them committed suicide? May I ask you: “What are your overts?”

The text in above picture says: “Psychiatry: Death instead of help.”Yes, Scientology. This is what you have done and keep on doing. WHAT DEPRESSED PERSON DID YOU HELP? You try to blame psychiatry for the latest flight crash. BUT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED SUCH PTS (=potential trouble source) CASE IN ANY ORG ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN POLICIES. You are fucking HYPOCRITES! Stop sending me your emails blaming psychiatry for all existing evil.

Scientology: How effective is the PTS/SP tech?


Many thanks to Alex Gibney and his documentary “Going Clear”. Since 30th March 2015 this blog is booming. The number of visits skyrocketed by the incredible factor of 20x the average. That is far beyond any expectation.

Let me ask you an interesting question today. The cult of Scientology sells the PTS/SP course. This is one of the most important courses for Scientologists. It teaches you how to spot suppressive people and shatter their suppression.

If this course really was effective, how come Scientologists could not spot any SP twenty years ago already? Looking at above picture, the number of SPs is not 2.5% (a famous estimation by L. Ron Hubbard), but rather 97.5%. Was that due to the missing Golden Age of Tech II? Interestingly, Hubbard said that SPs would make others leave. But I can tell you that the justification inside the cult is entirely different: You only leave because of your own bad deeds (=Scientologese: overts).

Let’s have a look at Mike Rinder – just to give you an example. From 1982 to 2007, Rinder served on the Board of Directors of CSI and also held the post of Executive Director of its Office of Special Affairs.

During that period he must have received hundreds of hours auditing and security checks. If the so-called “Tech” had worked, how could he possibly have been a plant of the psychs (=Scientologese: pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists or psychologists)?

Isn’t it amazing that SPs are using such a powerful technique capable of beating the one of Scientology? Are SPs more powerful than Scientologists? David Miscavige claimed to be able to spot SPs simply by looking at them. And his dog can smell suppression, really?

Well, let’s put all the nonsense aside. What counts is that Scientologists cannot spot SPs at all or the so-called SPs were no SPs in the first place. The cult of Scientology contradicts itself in this regard. What is it? A or B? You cannot claim both.

What the PTS/SP course really does is: it makes you terribly paranoid.

This was written in 2013. It is still valid.

Is Attorney Bert Deixler Risking the Church of Scientology’s Tax Exemption?

Very important!
Who is in the USA and in contact with the IRS?

The Scientology Money Project

The Church of Scientology is fighting for its life in the Garcia v. Flag et. al. lawsuit. Garcia is alleging commercial fraud on the part of the Church of Scientology. If Garcia wins, the floodgates to other lawsuits against the Church of Scientology for commercial fraud are flung wide open. The instances of Scientology and its front groups lying in order to raise money are legion, e.g. Narconon has more than 27 lawsuits against it for allegations related to lying to families of drug addicts about the type and efficacy of treatment services offered by Narconon.

Former Scientology “second in command” Mark “Marty” Rathbun has been called as a key witness by Garcia. Scientology attorney Bert Deixler deposed Rathbun. Tony Ortega posted more video of the deposition at his blog today. We post Tony’s YT video below.

In this video, Scientology attorney Deixler attempts to use a letter Rathbun…

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Contact requests


This is just a quick note. Some people asked me to contact them. I would love to do so, but this is simply too dangerous for me. You can tell me about public events anywhere in England and I might show up. But please do not expect any answers to your requests or messages unless they can be answered on my blog in public.

Modern war is being fought the guerilla style. Groups can be spotted. People can be spotted. But many unrelated people cannot be spotted altogether. The internet is our connection. I think it is not smart to be visible and run around naked with a white elephant, so that any cult fair gamer can aim at you. Being under the radar has huge advantages.

Together we will get David Miscavige for his crimes against human rights. It is just a matter of time. Time is on our side! He has too many enemies and will be removed from inside the cult or by a court order. This psychopath doesn’t need to know any of us. He has to suspect everyone and anyone. All in all we are like Agent Smiths of the Matrix … with a little difference here. We are not after the ones, who try to break free. We are after the ones, who enslave and bankrupt others, destroy families and think of themselves as heroes while acting at the brink of legality.

If you need help, then your first contact should be: