Can We Ever be Friends?


I have been in that situation like many others. What a mad and infamous disconnection policy of the Scientology cult.

Can We Ever be Friends?
I came across these recordings several times, I even had to study the tape (now a CD) on the PTS/SP course. As a wealthy Scientologist I had nearly all materials. I also had this “Can We Ever be Friends” junk lying around in my bookshelves. As usual we always ended up with multiple copies somehow. I remember that I complained to my wife frequently that she bought more and more materials, which we were possessing already. The “waste of money” argument was not a good one though. The Ethics department saw it with different eyes.

Listen to the YouTube link. The cult tries to influence you with all kinds of tricks.

In fact it is very smart to use a recording instead of discussing anything personally. Members avoid exposing themselves to facts about Hubbard and the cult. They call it: “It is my personal integrity to not know.” … disregarding what harm they do to others by being dishonest to themselves.

And what bothers me most is the hypocrisy of the cult. They are the ones who disconnect and destroy families. But they try telling you that it is you to blame.
Ron said something like: To be attacked you must have committed overts against this person (or dynamic). Well, I disagree. This is the worst bullshit I have ever heard. You cannot generalise it and claim at the same time that people attack others for various reasons like for instance:
Being attacked by SPs, who cannot differentiate between right or wrong targets. If they were attacking the right people, then it would be A does not equal A does not equal A. But this was not Hubbards formula A=A=A.

Do you really believe that you committed overts against a virus that did not even exist millions of years ago?
And what about meteors? They simply kill all in a specific area disregarding your overts. And what if the guy with the real overt was somewhere else on holiday?

Well, well. Why am I talking about Ron’s words here? The point is that a good Scientologist should know that you get attacked for your past overts. This is confusing, but not for a Scientologist. Their stable datum is: It is the psychs or the SPs, but never the Scientologists. They do get attacked for … in fact I don’t know. The tech is not applicable to themselves.

Listen to the recordings. In my opinion the voice is quite covert hostile. There is nothing more to add. Period.

What is a friend?
A friend is someone you can trust.
A friend is someone who helps you in bad times.
A friend is someone who listens to your problems.
A friend is someone who accepts you as you are.

Surely friendships end. But they don’t end on a finger snap of a third-party. Are these real friends? Is a friend someone who commits treason easily? Is a friend someone whose integrity to protect you is as big as a mayfly?

Consequently the correct answer is:

Such people have never been friends.

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