Scientologists lie!



You most likely disagree when you are still a member of the cult, because everyone knows that you are amongst the most ethical beings on earth backed by a strict ethics control system.

What can I say? This is such a sad statement! You have been heavily brainwashed; a condition of lost natural doubt. Like EnRon Hubbard said: An SP cannot afford self-criticism. It would kill him.


  1. Acceptable truth

    Did you never think about it – even for a short moment – that an acceptable truth, as per LRH, is a lie? You go to your banker, who is an SP according to Scientology. You ask him for money and in return the banker asks you for some paperwork. I have personally witnessed misleading figures and wordings. As far as I remember there has never been a blunt lie. Everything was full of twisted half-truths. What was the justification at that time? I asked and got the following answer:
    “It is not ethical to not get things done that can get done. If a banker is not capable of thinking with your abilities, then this is stopping your entire purpose, which is – of course – not ethical.”
    So you end up showing the bank twisted figures. A common trick was to use intermediaries, who were “coincidentally” Scientologists or Scientology friendly. They accepted outdated paperwork and told the bank without batting an eyelid that their client was on holiday or unavailable.

    Honestly, what would happen if you sat on the other side? Let’s have a look at the following story: Your good old boyfriend has not disclosed a new relationship and is somehow commuting between two addresses. He is telling you acceptable truths. You are happy, you live in a bubble, your world is absolutely fine. Well, only as long as you don’t find out that your world is just an acceptable truth. Don’t you feel betrayed then? Living an acceptable truth means living a lie! Most “acceptable truths” turn into lies, which turn into huge upsets. They simply collide with facts. What follows is as human as humans can be. What you do is what you get!
    This is just one reason (amongst many) why Scientology has such a bad reputation. Your propaganda machinery is unacceptable, so are your lies.

  2. What is true is what is true for you

    Oh, how often did I hear this? It means that perception and therefore reality are subjective. It is true to the same degree as it is wrong. This basically leaves us with nothing. There are many people out there who pervert this meaning. How? They simply lie to you.

    And even worse. There are many Scientologists lying to themselves.

    “The technology works!”

    Yeah, really? In fact, it does … but not as you were told. Did anybody go exterior? You know that your success report was full of lies to avoid further costs ((?any hidden standards, overruns, disagreements, suppressive elements, present time problems ….?)) and to please others, who then take the same story as a true story. It makes them right and others wrong, easy as that.

    “See, it works!”

    And in the long run these cowards write more and more glorious success stories … again to avoid further costs. You cannot afford going back into session or redo a course. Your success must be above average. And only exaggerations guarantee that. Hubbard was really smart, he charged you even for repairing bad results. This way he was easily getting improved success reports.

    Come on! Did you never exaggerate a success report? Did you just lie to yourself by denying this?

  3. TR-L (L for Lie or L for L. Ron Hubbard, same meaning anyway)

    The propaganda page of Scientology denies its existence. Another acceptable truth – hahaha.

    Fact is: It does exist. You won’t see it on course, because it was mainly used in the Guardian’s Office. Allegedly a copy was seized by the FBI from Scientology’s headquarters. KSW 1 is all-embracing and does not exclude any policies/bulletins. Maybe OSA is not using it these days. You don’t need this bulletin anyway. Scientologists even lie without this bulletin. Just watch the cult’s spokesmen. If lies could kill, they would not survive the first minutes of any interview.

    Some references:


One thought on “Scientologists lie!

  1. Great post – and spot on. I would write a success story just to be done with it so I could go home. Never got into the lying thing and I knew I would never make it up the bridge cuz I couldn’t play that game.

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