Scientology: How effective is the PTS/SP tech?


Many thanks to Alex Gibney and his documentary “Going Clear”. Since 30th March 2015 this blog is booming. The number of visits skyrocketed by the incredible factor of 20x the average. That is far beyond any expectation.

Let me ask you an interesting question today. The cult of Scientology sells the PTS/SP course. This is one of the most important courses for Scientologists. It teaches you how to spot suppressive people and shatter their suppression.

If this course really was effective, how come Scientologists could not spot any SP twenty years ago already? Looking at above picture, the number of SPs is not 2.5% (a famous estimation by L. Ron Hubbard), but rather 97.5%. Was that due to the missing Golden Age of Tech II? Interestingly, Hubbard said that SPs would make others leave. But I can tell you that the justification inside the cult is entirely different: You only leave because of your own bad deeds (=Scientologese: overts).

Let’s have a look at Mike Rinder – just to give you an example. From 1982 to 2007, Rinder served on the Board of Directors of CSI and also held the post of Executive Director of its Office of Special Affairs.

During that period he must have received hundreds of hours auditing and security checks. If the so-called “Tech” had worked, how could he possibly have been a plant of the psychs (=Scientologese: pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists or psychologists)?

Isn’t it amazing that SPs are using such a powerful technique capable of beating the one of Scientology? Are SPs more powerful than Scientologists? David Miscavige claimed to be able to spot SPs simply by looking at them. And his dog can smell suppression, really?

Well, let’s put all the nonsense aside. What counts is that Scientologists cannot spot SPs at all or the so-called SPs were no SPs in the first place. The cult of Scientology contradicts itself in this regard. What is it? A or B? You cannot claim both.

What the PTS/SP course really does is: it makes you terribly paranoid.

This was written in 2013. It is still valid.


One thought on “Scientology: How effective is the PTS/SP tech?

  1. You raised the point I have been saying since I left a few years ago. I would argue the tech does not work.

    Truly, there is only 1 trait of an “SP”….it’s whoever disagrees with dm ( I would have capitalized his initials but its more “fitting”).

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