The Telegraph: Small man syndrome at the top of Scientology?

Sorry, I am terribly busy since nearly a year now. My career is doing very well and money is flowing in faster than ever. And all this with Wog technology. My posting activity is obviously suffering.

Today, I found a really nice article in the “The Telegraph”. I studied Tom Cruise’s childhood and I also know David Miscavige’s past very well. Both are pretty small ((rather small than pretty)) and had/have violent periods.

Read these LULS! Mabe we have to redefine “clear” as in “make someone/something clear forcefully”.

Last year at study by Oxford University concluded that feeling smaller makes people feel paranoid, mistrustful and more likely to think that people are staring or talking about them.


David Miscavige arrested for fraud


jail (Photo credit: the_kid_cl)

This morning David Miscavige, the former leader of the Church of Scientology, has been handed over to Tampa police by loyal parishioners. Allegations range from severe harassment, fraud, human trafficking, forced abortions,deception and sleep deprivation to illegal restraint.

Shortly after the new PR representative of the church has announced deep and radical reforms. The interim leader is going to be Debbie Cook. She will lead the church until a new structure is in place. The new aim, as mentioned by Cook, is the restoration of the early 1980s, basically the time immediately before David Miscavige took over and ruined the church. Anyway, there will be no more Guardian Office or OSA (Office of Special Affairs) dealing with PR or secret matters.

Does the reform now mean  “Bridge for everyone”? Oh yes, it really seems so. There have been many hints this morning that this will actually be the case.

First of all an internet server will be set up to provide books, films and lectures online. Anyone can download virtually any text, any sound or video for free. That means no more “donations”, no more postage, no more phone calls and pushing or regging.

In fact all money hungry units like eg. the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) have been defrocked already; the same is valid for all registrars. Can you imagine that they have been there for more than 50 years and it took the interim leadership only minutes to get rid of them? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

What else did happen this morning? One really remarkable move was to cancel all courses that were part of a previous reform called the “Golden Age of Knowledge”. “It will take some weeks to re-establish the 1980 checksheets, but it will be worth the effort” Cook said. Members will be told to concentrate on getting trained as auditors. The so-called Operation Clear from 1958 is in full force again.”

The church will not ask you for “donations” anymore. Going OT has never been easier. The only requirement for the OT levels is based on a simple exchange rule. Every new Clear or OT VIII has to audit someone else or help at least 400 hours in any church related organisation.

The present “ideal orgs” will be sold in the coming years. Cheaper buildings will replace these unbearable liabilities. And all existing or future reserve funds will be used to help heavily indebted parishioners. This is not going to be an easy task it seems. There are quite a lot in that situation right now.
But how is the new church going to finance itself? According to Cook all running costs will be covered by the current annual membership fee only.
Cook explicitly emphasised: “There is no catch! The purpose of this is to get people up the bridge. This has definitely not been the case under the suppressive leadership of David Miscavige.”

The “bridge” will change. It has been altered by David Miscavige and cannot be used anymore. The new bridge will in fact be the old bridge from 1982. “Remember 1965, KSW 1″, Cook said,  ” One above has been done.”
Therefore the “Golden Age Of Tech” and the “Golden Age of Knowledge” are both invalidated. David Miscavige’s lifework or should we say “masterpiece of suppression” is gone. The new goal is training and auditing, no more.

“Parishioners are finally going to get what they were here for” Cook continued. “All problems will be solved by the growing number of Scientologists.
There will be plenty of Scientologists running around to help everywhere in the world someday, no more yellow tents, no more propaganda. We are Scientologists and not PR puppets. Let me emphasise the idea of Operation Clear again: It is CLEAR you, then CLEAR your environment, then CLEAR the country.

The reformed church will have many spokesmen. They will be trained to enter open dialogs with the world and admit failures. They are there to listen to all people and learn from our past mistakes so that the church can improve itself by climbing up from the mud to the sky.
The church stopped claiming that L. Ron Hubbard was perfect: “He was clearly not the person we tried to promote. We do not claim that all of his technology is good. But we do claim that there is a valuable technology that can be used to help people.”

A new E-meter will be introduced by next year. It will not look like any of the previous ones. It basically is just a piece of software that can run on nearly any cheap netbook. The name is going to be iMeter.
The price will be around 300 USD for a bundle consisting of a netbook, cables, cans and a new kind of plaster that can replace the cans comfortably.
The idea of the Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter will not be followed up. This E-meter had its obvious flaws when it tried to zoom needle reactions. You could not tell if the size of one fall was the same size of another.
The iMeter will propose the type of needle reaction for you by naming it. It can also record the Preclear  in a video. A graph shows the needle as a curve on a time axis. And below this graph there is another graph showing the voice. Therefore you can hardly miss any instant reads. You can still see them seconds later. A slider can scroll the time backwards even further if needed.
And if you are not certain about a fall size. Well, the iMeter will measure it for you precisely. You might miss the tonearm though. There is no knob, just a counter.

If you think that all above is unbelievable then check this one out. Debbie Cook could not have mentioned it more straight forward:
The disconnection policy has been trashed. Nothing has caused more pain for all of us than this stupid policy.”

You wish this was true, don’t you?
Unfortunately it is not true at all  😥
But let me ask David Miscavige one question:
Do you really want to expand?”