How to play Bullshit Bingo against Scientologists

Protesting against Scientologists can be quite exhausting. You could talk to a vacuum cleaner and achieve better results. Don’t even try using any logic. Scientologists are programmed to ignore anything negative. Their ability to listen was lost during expensive courses and counseling.

I have something much better for you. Make your protests exiting with a few printouts. This is going to cause hilarious fun on both sides.

The game is called Bullshit Bingo.
There are two grids. One is for the cultist, one is for you. Please print out both. It is no secret that cultists won’t bring their own grids. You will also need at least two pens.

You may now start a discussion. Each time the person on the other side mentions a word from your list, you can it cross out.

Once you have 5 items in a row, column or diagonal, you must look at the face of the other person, step much closer and yell as loud as you can:


The maximum allowable distance is 10 inch. If you fail doing so within a few seconds, the other person wins.
You may watch the famous Scientology documentary before you leave your home, where John Sweeney demonstrated how proper yelling is done.

Play as long as it takes to get 5 valid items. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes merely a few minutes.

Wins from playing Bullshit Bingo:

“I could hardly believe how much fun you can have with such an easy setup. It took us about 10 ten minutes; I finally won. This were the most exiting minutes of my life!”
C.N., New York

“If I had known the game before, I would have been about 10x more often on the streets.”
B.S., London

“Wow, wow, wow. I love you. Thank you very much for the unbelievable cool game. What a pleasure!”
M.R., Tampa

“Where can I find more words for new grids? I’d love to play this game on a daily basis now!”
T.J., New Delhi

“The Scientologist got really upset after she had inevitably lost the game. She argued I had not given her any time to drill the game. Her course supervisor coincidently saw us and immediately issued a pink sheet to train more bullbaiting. “Your f#*$&!g TRs are unacceptable”, he said. Within minutes the course supervisor called the registrar and made an appointment while we continued playing the game.
The lady Scientologist said she wanted to play again and we agreed to meet in two weeks at the same location. The course supervisor also wants to come. He will bring someone from OSA as well, he said. This will be the greatest game ever. 4 players in total. AWESOME!”
G.G., East Grinstead

Grid for the Scientologist (to be used against the Protester):


Grid for the Protester (to be used against the Scientologist):



The Telegraph: Small man syndrome at the top of Scientology?

Sorry, I am terribly busy since nearly a year now. My career is doing very well and money is flowing in faster than ever. And all this with Wog technology. My posting activity is obviously suffering.

Today, I found a really nice article in the “The Telegraph”. I studied Tom Cruise’s childhood and I also know David Miscavige’s past very well. Both are pretty small ((rather small than pretty)) and had/have violent periods.

Read these LULS! Mabe we have to redefine “clear” as in “make someone/something clear forcefully”.

Last year at study by Oxford University concluded that feeling smaller makes people feel paranoid, mistrustful and more likely to think that people are staring or talking about them.

Happy new year 70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion

Loo1 Loo2


70 trillion something. What a nice number. I took it from here:
I can’t be bothered looking up any reference myself (even though this link seems to be a hoax). These lectures by L. Ron Hubbard are pure fiction. Reading them is a waste of time, even if I wanted to use anything against the cult. It is not worth it anymore.

2015 is going to be an exciting year. David Miscavige might disappear or commit suicide if we are lucky. Even if it does not happen, time is definitely running against him.

So, what is up? I’d say London is infested with SPs.
Have a look at above flyer. Plenty of these are hanging in public toilets. Train stations and trains, it definitely doesn’t look good for the cult.

Beat the cult with their own words. The big point is that this is not unlawful. Citations are pretty safe. And CCTV does not help at all. There are so many people using these toilets, it could be anyone.

Succinct, right?

Scientology, I cannot get over it



Several year after leaving Scientology, I am still suffering from its effects. The most important part of my life was and is to give my children the best childhood. But now I am in a situation that cannot be fixed anymore. The damage is done. Day after day painful thoughts come back and capture my attention. It hurts to have seen all this.
My wife was willing to destroy everything and everyone. She even included herself.

What for?
To be on courses, to do Scientology, to gain powers that do not exist.
How to have a successful family? Why do a course for something that is right in front of you? Now, there is nothing left and she would really need such course.

She destroyed her and other lives thoroughly. In her view everybody was suppressive. Her parents, my parents, her relatives, my relatives, the government, the psychs, her BFF … just her cousin that she hated, she suddenly became her best friend.

After the divorce she quickly ran out of time and money. That means she cannot even do Scientology anymore – but the WAR was all about Scientology, wasn’t it?
Looking at the present situation would make her past actions terribly wrong. Still, she considers herself being a dedicated Scientologist. She is grasping at straws like many other Scientologists.

Forgiving her is tough. The destruction has been awful. My ex-wife is far away from awakening. With her “Fair Game” activities she crossed the threshold to hell.
This is an important part of cults. They make you do something really bad. The victim digs himself/herself a hole, too deep to leave. What a good strategy. You choose the sides and any confession would immediately kill you. Well, it is a metaphor, but this is pretty much how it works.

I guess Scientology added a positive entry into her ethics folder. They will suddenly see the entry differently as soon as she dares (if she ever does) to question the organisation.

How can anybody forgive anyone, who has not even come close to taking responsibility. And how can any cult member ever get there? You are blinded! Sweet lies are much easier to confront.

Will my wife ever be able to see again? And how should I react when she wakes up too late? I mean, it is quite easy to admit something after it has become obvious. Let’s say the cult is closing down. What is the value of penitence at that late stage?
When a robber runs away with all the cash, then there is some value of returning the money before he has been caught. But what is the value of returning the money after he has been caught and forced to give up?

This question is driving me nuts. I want to fix the family as much as I can. At the same time I know that I would have to accept further punches below the belt to do so. Is that greatness or that pure stupidity?

I have to fight against the devil, at the same time I cannot fight against the devil as I would destroy the ones I love most – my children. I finally understand Friedrich Schiller inside out. The hero has to suffer. His duties are more important. He decides against his desires.

But what are my duties? This question remains open. How can I fight the evil and not destroy myself at the same time?
I am the one who never needed any help or advice. I have always been ahead of others. My past success stories were outstanding. Then I came across my wife, who would not dare to “inform herself honestly” and rather destroy the family.

This time I have no clue. This was not part of any calculation. This was not forseeable. This was pure insanity. Treason! I was stabbed into my back.
Now, I do need help to go through all this. But I cannot imagine anyone being able to rewind the time. And even if anybody could rewind the time … I guess I would do a lot pretty much the same way again. Hence, it seems to be my fortune.

Schiller, I finally understand.

Germany: Why “Scientology” rather than “Scientologie”?


“Biologie”, “Theologie”, “Astrologie”, “Technologie”, “Soziologie” etc. are all German words. But why do the German cult members call themselves “Scientology” then, whereas the French say “Scientologie”?

The Germans absorb foreign languages much faster than any other country. And Germans try to pronounce foreign words properly (at least they try 😉 ). You hardly find that precision in other countries. I’d say that most languages absorb fewer words and they rarely try to pronounce anything properly. Is this the effect of having lost two wars? Maybe.
We have similar tendencies in Japanese and Hebrew. For the latter we are mainly looking at modern words, which eg. are nowhere mentioned in the Torah. The Japanese lost their language after the second world war. The number of Kanjis was reduced dramatically. Still, the cultural pride remains much stronger than in Germany.


Let me guide you a little bit into another direction. There is a rarely visited homepage with its web counter at around 1600 visits. I guess the counter was reset due to the last update on 26 March 2013.
(both point to the same content)

These web pages are maintained by the Freezone (Freie Zone e.V.). Omg! What a blow below the belt against the Church of Scientology!
In 1996 cult lawyers tried to bring down the entire web site. But it reappeared in year 2000. The cult’s argument was that “Scientology” and “Scientologie” were THEIR trademarks. Four years of success were then followed by 14 years of disgrace for the cult. And it seems the cult has lost this battle for good.

In 1934 Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz published the book “Scientologie, Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens” (=”Scientology, Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge”). That was 16 years before Hubbard came up with Dianetics, his first non-science fiction book before he started Scientology. And even worse than that, there are parallels to Scientology in his book. What bad luck! The “source” Hubbard was only number 2? It remains unclear, if Hubbard ever read Nordenholz. We only know for sure that he read Aleister Crowley.

But what safe conclusion can we make here? Scientology cannot call itself Scientologie in Germany. The cult would promote the wrong guy, who really coined the word “Scientology” before anyone else did.

Psssst, don’t tell anyone!

Scientology urgently needs your money


This is a re-enactment!

IAS:	I know you can do more. What about $300,000? Your house is worth $400,000 and you only have a mortgage of $100,000.
        We need to save the world. You want to save the world, don't you? Do you want to help us?
PUBLIC:	But this affects my 1st, 2nd, 6th and 8th dynamic. It took me 30 years to save that money. How can go up the bridge then?
IAS:	The 3rd dynamic is worth more, because WE are active on all 8 dynamics. And no worries, we make you able.
        You will earn three times as much as you donate. Read this reference here: "Exchange by dynamics".
        And then read that reference as well. Money is only an attention unit. It is not real. Who needs money?
IAS:	Are you trying to make fun of me?
PUBLIC:	Listen, I am sure that the church owns more than 2 billion USD in total.
IAS:	Haha, if that was true, why would I ask you for money then? How do you know?
PUBLIC:	Because I read it on the internet and made my own assumptions afterwards.
IAS:	You are out-ethics!
IAS:	Because you are on SP lines. You not only read entheta lines, you also believe these made up lies.
PUBLIC:	Why? Am I not allowed to know these numbers?
IAS:	Such numbers are not true - easy as that! And if you should care about any numbers, we would give them to you.
	Don't you trust our management? Are you critical?
PUBLIC:	I think the church does not want me to know these numbers. It has withholds.
IAS:	The church is not withholding anything!
PUBLIC:	So? Do you know the numbers?
IAS:	I knew you are critical! What is your evil purpose? What are your overts?
PUBLIC:	Hey, all I am asking here is: "Why do you need my money and destroy my family? The church has plenty of money."
PUBLIC:	Don't yell at me! Just answer my question.
IAS:	I have shown you plenty of LRH references already. You are simply out-ethics, because you have misunderstandings!
PUBLIC:	Ok, I'll leave now. I have an appointment with the course supervisors in 5 minutes.

The day after: Meeting with an Ethics Officer (EO).

EO:	You know why you are here?
PUBLIC:	I have a bad feeling.
EO:	Read that KR.
PUBLIC:	This is injustice! He did not even read what I have read. How can he know that this is wrong?
EO:	Do you have anything to add?
PUBLIC:	Ron said that all dynamics are equally important.
EO:	This does not apply here. I prepared a program for you. Read the policies and do your write up.
PUBLIC:	Hey, according to Ron, ethics has to do with what a person decides for himself. This has nothing to do with ethics!
        You are not supposed to give me a program. We should work one out. Let me show you the policies.
EO:	This does not apply here.
PUBLIC:	So, why does it not apply here?
EO:	Do the program and then come back. The Case Supervisor proposed some additional security checks afterwards.
PUBLIC:	And if I don't do it?
EO:	You cannot do any course or auditing anymore while you are in ethics. What do you expect next?
PUBLIC:	A declare?
EO:	Well, you could go to the IAS and change your behaviour immediately.
	We both would save a lot of time then.
PUBLIC:	You are saying that I have to pay the money to get my ass out of ethics and not be disconnected from my family?
EO:	These are your words, not mine. In Scientology you always have a free choice! It is your choice, not ours.
PUBLIC:	But then I would do exactly what I am criticising. What about verifying the tax numbers. Then we know the truth.
EO:	It is not your f.....g rank to know these numbers. We are here to save the world and not to waste our
	time with critical questions making our management wrong. Look at our expansion, look how upstat the management is!
	Can't you perceive the obvious?
PUBLIC:	Hmmm, what can I say? Give me 5 minutes to think about it.
EO:	Your choice, Mr. Critical. It is always your personal choice. Everything here is YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE.