Neil Gaiman, East Grinstead Living Magazine


Neil Gaiman is most likely a gentleman. I guess there is not much to add.
His mother is a typical Scientology disaster. She can be so nice, but at the same time so evil. I wish I could tell my personal story here. I know her personally. But I would have to give up my incognito status to uncover this, which I actively protected several times already. This story will have to go public soon after the cult falls apart. So, maybe in two years. And I hope Sheila is still alive then. She does not deserve her calm life inside the cult fortress.
All I can do today is to give some general information. After reading the article start googling for “Gaiman, Scientology, G&G, declared, Guardian Office, car, death”.



Many thanks to the East Grinstead Living for this article. Unfortunately it is too neutral and I should check, who paid Dorothy Hatswell or who this old lady really is. The link to Scientology is unclear. Is the purpose to give a false impression that Neil Gaiman would be one of the Scientology celebrities?

What do we have here? This is supposedly an article about Neil Gaiman. But in the first paragraph the author mentions Scientology and Dianetics. A bored reader, who does not continue reading, got the message by then. This article has another purpose. It makes Saint Hill socially acceptable in East Grinstead. Neil Gaiman does not equal Scientology. This equation is obsolete.

Scientology activities in town are hardly seen. Jehova’s witnesses are far more active. Saint Hill can only survive by getting people from abroad. The dissemination level in East Grinstead is close to unrecognisable. Why do you need to get people from abroad? There are 30,000 people living nearby.
I can smell the rotten death that spreads like a disease at Saint Hill.


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