Open letter to David Mayo and all the ones, who disappeared


Dear David

I have read a lot about you and your activities inside and outside the Church of Scientology. Many years have passed. At some point in the future we will all lose the opportunity to ask you for the full story. Furthermore it seems you signed some contract that does not allow you to speak out.

BUT, there is nothing that can stop you from telling the truth anyway. Please do us a favour and write down your entire story. Even a few pages would help us understanding the full picture. No institution can sue you in heaven. That is the right time to publish anything you want. It is an opportunity for truth.

Luckily I doubt that we have to wait that long. All contracts will expire as soon as the CoS vanishes. This should be an extra incentive for you. If you don’t mind thinking a few years into the future …

You will not be paid for this. You will never find out, who was helped by this. Nobody will say thank you. What I am asking for requires some compassion, hopefully the same compassion that made you the Tech-Wizard a long time ago.

There are also many others that should write down their stories despite having signed some gag agreements. It is not a duty to correct history. But it is an appropriate step forward to stop anything similar in the future.


Bare-Faced Messiah


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