Cult of Scientology: Actors wanted!


I could talk about the fact that the cult needs new high-profile actors. Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta … ehm, boring! The same guys since 20 years – even more than 30 years.

Let me explain something entirely different about actors and Scientology.

Why does Scientology hire actors for their propaganda videos?

A) There are not enough Scientologists left.

Not true, there are plenty of brain-hungry zombies left … maybe 30,000 worldwide.

B) Members would be recognised and asked about their filming experiences by other members.

It would be embarrassing to film 10 students trying to pretend an ideal scenario. Let’s say there are five short clips and you would always see the same people. Hmmmm, not good, eh?

C) recruit actors

That is a really juicy one! While the actors pretend to be Scientologists, they are in fact prey. The costs to get raw meat into the buildings, touch materials and get a feeling for the new IDEAL MORGUES© are pretty low. This would be a smart move. Luckily it contradicts the next point, which if far more likely.

D) 1984, rewriting history

Master David can always claim that a video was just a re-enactment. Nobody can complain that the depicted ideal scenarios are anything but real. Members are proud to show their Orgs in better conditions than they actually are … without any cognitions 😉
There is an advantage here. Nobody knows these people and there are some members, who only come to events. They get the impression of new people and expansion … until they show up for their next step on the bridge.

What does that have to do with 1984?
In George Orwell’s novel “1984” the big brother party rewrites history regularly. We saw Nibs (Hubbard’s eldest son) disappearing from a video. Mary Sue (Hubbard’s last wife) disappeared from books. And there is no trace of David Mayo (Hubbard’s auditor) left.

So, people get erased like in 1984!

We know that leaving members lose their IAS status and training certificates. Their IAS tags are removed from boards – no more honour, contributions and donations forgotten. It takes quite an effort to erase people, especially when more and more leave.
Do you remember what Tommy Davis said to Larry Anderson? He said it would cost “a couple million dollars” to redo the Orientation film.

AND THIS IS THE KEY! Hiring actors is cheaper in the long run! You can always claim scenes were just re-enactments. You do not have to remove these people from any video. They certainly sign some non-disclosure-agreement before they get the job. And nobody cares about unknown actors.
Members will never understand, what is real or not (eg. the Ireland Ocean FM re-enactment). For them these actors are just unknown faces. They don’t even get the idea that they are not Scientologists.


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