Scientology: What you cannot see



People tend to analyse their environment by perceiving the existing scenario. They usually examine what you can see. But sometimes you can see more by looking at things that are missing.

What pops into my head right away are the celebrities.
Tom Cruise has not shown up for quite a while now. I perceive nothingness. No newspaper would write an article about “nothing”. Nevertheless, this is what is remarkable here.
Where is he? After Katie had left and rumours were in the media, he showed up on the next big event. But that was a one-off show. Was this enough to convince the gullible disciples that he had not left the cult to save his family? Was this his last duty to save mankind (and destroy himself)? Some years earlier he had won the IAS freedom medal for reportedly disseminating his religion to MILLIONS. Haha, so mathematically he is responsible for each and every new cult member.

What else is missing? New celebrities, yeah – somehow boring. I will not discuss this any further. In LRH terms I would call it “Emptiness”.

The next big item on my list is Super Power. It is THE ONE AND ONLY item that will lead the cult to massive growth … they said. If the Orgs are not prepared properly, then they will not be able to cope with the new inflow of raw meat (Scientologese for new people). What a nice LRH reference! Luckily it did not work out. Imagine a world dominated by Knowledge Reports, Disconnection, RPF and a weird/suppressive ethics and justice system. It would be 47x (LOL, what a lovely odd number) worse than any Islamic driven government. A game where only one person can win and 7 billion have to lose – poverty, fear and depression on a daily basis.

Where are the celebrities completing Super Power? Where are Kirstie Alley’s success reports and her next five IAS stati? Where are John Travolta’s super powers? Where is the big expansion? Am I missing something?
While mentioning success reports, don’t you think it is strange that nothing is known about David Miscavige’s bridge? He presumably tries to send everybody up (not across) the bridge, tries to find the real arbitraries and the real WHYs. But he is the worst example of all. He had zero progress since the late 1980s. There is even a policy that states that people avoiding auditing would be suppressive. And what about LRH himself? When did this guy go clear? Everybody just assumed he had gone clear. This definitely did never happen. He was a lunatic; extremely paranoid and suppressive.

What else is invisible? Hmmmm, what about all the wins that were written down pre-GAT II, pre-GAK, pre-Building-Purchases, pre-DM era, pre-Mark VI e-meter. Yes, Mark V – I am not even mentioning any newer model. How was it possible to have any wins with devices that were 40,000 times less precise? And how could anybody succeed without the proper Purif, technology, ideal Orgs or Objectives? WTF did these people attest back then in the 1970s and 1980s?

And then we had John McMaster in 1966, who was the first “Clear” and prime example after Dianetics had already produced Clears at least 16 years earlier. How is this possible?

My conclusion is that we are dealing with huge lies. If these lies could hurt, you would be instantly dead. The sole purpose is to make money. We are dealing with idiots that have heavy brain insufficiencies. Some say there has been a 47x expansion last year. Others cannot even remember such numbers. None of the cult disciples have any cognitive dissonance at all. How stupid do you have to be to swallow such number?
It goes hand in hand with the Bible: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed” (John 20:24-29 ESV).

What is going wrong?

  • The most of the cult members are brain washed, they are blind. Hahaha, what did David Miscavige say? The blind are leading the blind. For once I can agree. Cult members have lost their ability for critical thinking.
  • If you can perceive the environment, then you have a clear advantage.
  • If you can perceive the invisible, then you are the master. You can hardly be influenced at all. I doubt you are in the cult at this point.

People were winning in 1950 and are winning in 2014. This is not due to the workability as in “Any auditing is better than no auditing”. Evil does exist. If you are winning on ANY auditing … what does that really mean? It means that you are easy to influence. You are not amongst the strongest beings, you are the lowest of the low. You are a RONBOT. And Ronbots are easily programmable like calculators. They execute each command, they don’t think … just execute whatever it takes.


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