Three Scientologists in a London gym



My favourite YouTube of the day: Russell Miller


Flag Down 2014:


Coincidently I met 3 Scientologist in a London gym. They were drawing attention to themselves by exaggerated pronunciations and wordings.

Two women and one man were discussing the GAT II and how great the achievements were. You would not find such hilarious glee anywhere else. You have to stand right next to cult members. I thought that these brainwashed people were the tip of the iceberg. I am out for a few years now and had nearly forgotten the euphoria they use inside the cult. You read wins (success reports) here and there and may think that wordings are signs of insanity. Haha, no! They claim it is the absolute opposite. They are de-hypnotising you and make you sane (because all the 7 billion humans are insane).

The way they talk and think is pretty much the same. I would probably utter such weirdo gibberish after taking a heavy drug overdose. How can someone become so decadent?

They talked about the greatness and future of Scientology, then continued discussing the purif.
Astonishingly each of them had done the purif several times. Still they did not dare to question the results. Furthermore they affirmed each other that doing things over and over again is good and that the quality increases each time you redo something.

The man suddenly joked that he would prefer doing the purif by himself in the gym. He cautiously mentioned that the church was a bit pricey.
But then his Scientology implant kicked in and worked perfectly from then on. He did not dare to follow-up on his own thoughts. And this is the quintessence that I am trying to highlight today.

He did not dare to think it though. He did not dare to tell his latent and suppressed thoughts.

And this is what brainwashing is all about.


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