Louis Farrakhan has no idea about Dianetics and Scientology


I have seen so many people clapping their hands, having epiphanies and cheering with insane glee. Isn’t it frightening what religions are capable of? People in the audience fall down, because they just felt the lord and had the strongest orgasm ever? I wish this was a joke. The human psyche is easy to manipulate. How many Scientologists belong to this weak psyche group? I don’t really have numbers. But I would guess it must be 97.5% according to Hubbard. The remaining 2.5% cannot be manipulated or have just woken up … who knows?

Watch above YouTube video. Louis Farrakhan scares the shit out of me! Is there any common sense? He just needs to distort the logic and give new definitions. Farrakhan is a disciple of Hubbard, who was a disciple of Aleister Crowley … NO WONDER!

Listen to Farrakhan’s words about Dianetics (Scientology) starting at 16 minutes and 14 seconds. People are cheering, they obviously do not understand, what the guy in front of them is preaching. If Farrakhan would know Scientology better, he would know what Hubbard said about demons and Jesus. It makes clear that Farrakhan is a Dianetics idiot. He doesn’t even know what he says. Is he a kind of OJ Simpson, who just talks for the sake of it?

 “So the criticism … well, you know, Mr Hubbard was a racist. I don’t know that. I don’t know that. And I wouldn’t care. (18:32)”

Doesn’t that contradict his entire speech? What type of pot is this guy smoking?
Dianetics is about letting the past go. But Farrakhan has a better definition:

“Sibling: Get over it.
Farrakhan: Get over what?
Sibling: You can’t keep talking about what happened yesterday.
Farrakhan: Hell, what happened yesterday is what is driving your madness today! (20:52)”.

Somehow Farrakhan twists the words and tells his people to stick to the past. Mhmmmmm? For sure this has nothing to do with forgiveness or “The psychotic lives in the past, the insane in the present time, and the sane in the future (L. Ron Hubbard)” … unless you try to get over it by erasing madness with Dianetics?

“How could I see something that valuable and know the HURT AND SICKNESS OF MY PEOPLE and not offer it to them? (18:15)”

Wake up audience! He just called you sick like Hubbard did. Don’t you think it is condescending?


3 thoughts on “Louis Farrakhan has no idea about Dianetics and Scientology

  1. Now you know why I call him a walking KHAN-Tradiction!!

    “Scientology Invasion of the Black Community (Facebook)

  2. Farrakrakhan smells the money to be made. His followers have no idea where Dianetics and Scientology will lead them.

  3. Reading Russell Miller´s and Jon Atack´s books and following that up with an intensive internet search about the history of the church…would be a good start on the road to awakening.
    By the way, check out Ishmael Bey´s Flag Down speech on Youtube. Some folks are seeing the bullshit and talking about it…

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