Who is Kristi Wachter?


Amanda-Knox-Silvio-Berlusconi-Funny-Demotivational-Posters (Photo credit: CleveredFool.com)

Kristi Wachter is just one amongst many enemies of the cult of Scientology. She has her own blog and web pages.You can easily google or youtube her activities.
Besides this she is good-looking and has just the right adorable personality. Oh, maybe I should ask her to marry me.

Unfortunately there is one f#%!&#% big problem with her. She attacks me unknowingly, makes my life hard and does not care.
I don’t give a s#!% on her arguments or what side she is fighting for. She has put my name on her page to stigmatize me as a Scientologist for all times. Not only that I have a very unique name, adding my ex-wife’s name on the same line regarding our IAS status makes it really clear that this is not anyone else. People google my name whenever I am trying to get a new job or meet new people.
Yes, I have been a member of the cult some time ago. But I never had
bad intentions and I never harmed anyone personally. I was one of the conservative members who got in trouble for not being an easy-going Kool-Aid drinker.
Kristi does not care. Furthermore she rejects removing names:
“I’m sorry, but I think it’s important that the data remain intact so that other researchers can use it, as described above.
I am very interested in accuracy, though, so if you find incorrect information on my site – whether in these lists or elsewhere – please let me know.”
She is like one of the 9/11 attackers, someone who does not care who the victims are. Anyone is acceptable. Her attacks are having no clear target. Just kill arbitrarily. She does not even know me, but she puts my name on her discriminating page, what an evil purpose …
It gives her the Angel Face of Amanda Knox. So I am confused. What to do next?
Most likely I should attack her financially to get her server down. And when she is ruined, has no home anymore and needs some help, then I should ask her to marry me 😉

This is written with a sense of black humor, but indeed it is quite serious what she is doing. If someone attacks the cult of Scientology, that he/she should only attack the cult, not just anyone. What kind of warrior shoots at children? Kristi is a really bad example on how to fight a battle and bring this cult down. So I am not only asking the cult, but also her: “What are your crimes against humanity?”