Scientologists: “The internet is full of lies!”


Scientology and Narconon

Drug addict on Novokuznetskaya Metro Station i...

Drug addict (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have an old journal “The Winner” (May 1980) from the Guardian Office here and thought it is good time to release another article that shows the connection between the cult of Scientology and Narconon.

One thing is for sure. It did not help Denise Miscavige (Gentile), who “coincidently” is the twin sister of the leader of Scientology. Is the mastermind incapable of handling his sister? If the “No 1” person of the cult cannot do it, who can do it then?

The Way To Happiness teaches Denise:

1. Take Care of Yourself
6. Set A Good Example
9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal
12. SafeGuard And Improve Your Environment.
14. Be Worthy Of Trust

And especially for David Miscavige superstar:

20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You

Honestly, Denise and David should redo the basics courses curses