Money Zombies


Sirens are dangerous yet beautiful creatures, who lure nearby rich guys with their enchanting promises. They live on islands like Clearwater and lure you to their place.
But once you arrive they turn into money zombies. They are hungry and eat any kind of assets. Sometimes they make mistakes and bite into the hands that feed them. The victim then gets very ill and finally dies within days. If you don’t bury the young Thetans Satans fast enough they turn into money zombies as well. Most of them eat up all kinds of assets around them within minutes. Money is their favourite dish. But credit cards are also tasty.

As they have no money left to fly home, they start hunting for RAW MEAT. Unfortunately the pecking order is pretty CLEAR. The new money zombies are not allowed to eat fresh money themselves. The Master eats first, then the Master again, then the Master again, then the group. The succesful rookie hunters only get 10%, these are basically the remains. But even then they are not allowed to eat their share. They are asked to donate all to the creation of new islands. Yes, indeed nothing is left. Most new zombies don’t survive the first ten days. Starvation is the most common cause of death.

A girl was bitten and she now bites as much as she can – she is entirely out of control. This could lead to a zombie overpopulation and starvation of the entire group.
Her voice is soft and sweet. She sings and bites until nothing is left. This is Sirentology. Run as fast as you can.

Picture: A man has realised early enough that David’s IAS lady is a hungry zombie. He seems to escape successfully. Nevertheless the IAS lady is after him. OMG, will he make it? Knock on wood!


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