Germany: Why “Scientology” rather than “Scientologie”?


“Biologie”, “Theologie”, “Astrologie”, “Technologie”, “Soziologie” etc. are all German words. But why do the German cult members call themselves “Scientology” then, whereas the French say “Scientologie”?

The Germans absorb foreign languages much faster than any other country. And Germans try to pronounce foreign words properly (at least they try 😉 ). You hardly find that precision in other countries. I’d say that most languages absorb fewer words and they rarely try to pronounce anything properly. Is this the effect of having lost two wars? Maybe.
We have similar tendencies in Japanese and Hebrew. For the latter we are mainly looking at modern words, which eg. are nowhere mentioned in the Torah. The Japanese lost their language after the second world war. The number of Kanjis was reduced dramatically. Still, the cultural pride remains much stronger than in Germany.


Let me guide you a little bit into another direction. There is a rarely visited homepage with its web counter at around 1600 visits. I guess the counter was reset due to the last update on 26 March 2013.
(both point to the same content)

These web pages are maintained by the Freezone (Freie Zone e.V.). Omg! What a blow below the belt against the Church of Scientology!
In 1996 cult lawyers tried to bring down the entire web site. But it reappeared in year 2000. The cult’s argument was that “Scientology” and “Scientologie” were THEIR trademarks. Four years of success were then followed by 14 years of disgrace for the cult. And it seems the cult has lost this battle for good.

In 1934 Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz published the book “Scientologie, Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens” (=”Scientology, Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge”). That was 16 years before Hubbard came up with Dianetics, his first non-science fiction book before he started Scientology. And even worse than that, there are parallels to Scientology in his book. What bad luck! The “source” Hubbard was only number 2? It remains unclear, if Hubbard ever read Nordenholz. We only know for sure that he read Aleister Crowley.

But what safe conclusion can we make here? Scientology cannot call itself Scientologie in Germany. The cult would promote the wrong guy, who really coined the word “Scientology” before anyone else did.

Psssst, don’t tell anyone!


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