Improved Scientology birthday game


Dear Parishioner!

As you might already know, our stats are under pressure. The world is in danger!

From now on the weekly birthday game points will put more emphasis on what is really needed. Auditing and Auditors have become rare, because these LRH references were not followed properly. We won’t quote them here. You should know all bulletins and policies inside out already. Please contact Ethics in case you don’t.

We have tested this new and improved point system at Flag for ages. It is a requirement for GAT II solving the real “why” of our stats. And guess what! Since the proper application of LRH tech our stats shot straight up (and vertical)! THIS IS REAL EXPANSION GOING ON AT FLAG. Highest ever points, more than 20x in just one year and more than in the previous 50 years altogether! Wow, wow, wow! THIS is it! Even if you heard me saying the same a hundred times before, THIS TIME WE REALLY FOUND THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION!

1 point per cleaned square foot
1 point per regged $10,000 from your best friend
10 point for a correctly identified SP
10 points for a declared SP
10 points for a third-party game to disconnect a parishioner from his family
50 points for a cool squirrel buster action
75 points for fair game on any perceived enemy
75 points for applying R2-45 on any Psych

Thanks for taking care,



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