The right question. My ex and I.


Auditing is about asking the right question at the right time. You can achieve a lot by doing so. But what about the questions asked by some extreme protesters? Many of them publish their harassing questions on YouTube. And all they get is:
“These are all lies”, “I do not need to read this stuff”, “You talk in generalities”,  or “You are suppressive” …

Before I kick off, realise the mind trap. ALL MEN talk in generalities, because it is impossible to tell all circumstances all the time. Someone asks you what time it is, and your answer is: “5 to 10”. You don’t say: “According to my watch, that was built by Rolex and has an error rate of 1 second per 13.45 years, and the theory of Mr. Precise, who developed the design, and Mr. Assembly, who put it all together on a rainy Monday afternoon (but he did not finish before 9:35 and 200 milliseconds … it is exactly 5 minutes and ten seconds to 10 on the next ping.”

Generalities are also used to concentrate on something important or to tell that something does not only affect one situation. Ron Hubbard himself used generalities constantly. And he did not give any reference (well, sometimes he did) by simply saying that “HE” was the source.
Interestingly, when you come up with a thought that is critical, then the cult always wants to know where you have that information from. They do not believe in original thoughts. And I am absolutely fine with myself having used “they” in my last sentence now.

It is true that suppressive people use more generalities, but I disagree that each generality is suppressive. Read any text on the web or listen to any Scientologist and find out for yourself that generalities are part and parcel of us all. You need to re-evaluate “generalities” to unwind the trap. I saw many fights because of the “generality” accusation. This is it. NO MORE FIGHTS.

Secondly, these protesters think that they are understood. Well, they could also talk to a vacuum cleaner and get the same results. Their questions are attacking others rather than trying to find a loophole where they actually talk to that person and not to the wall that surrounds them. This is religion! This has nothing to do with facts. Religion is about beliefs.
And what do these protesters achieve? The cult members are even more convinced afterwards that they have real SPs in front of them. There is some truth to ARC; not necessarily as described or in this precise relationship, but there is something that applies.


Some good news:

I finally found the right question for my ex-wife and was astonished she agreed. She called me to ask  for money and I said: “You decided in ethics who your friend and enemy is. Don’t your real friends help you?” In fact, I did not expect an answer at all. It was more of a rhetorical question. To my surprise I got an answer. She said that they have no money or were not willing to help. Wooohooo!

There are 10,000 reasons to be upset with my ex. You have no idea, how upset I am. My life was erased within months by Fair Game and false police reports. I had to fight for my children in court, because I was not allowed to see them anymore after the first police report. This could have been the right time to tell her to go to hell. This could have been the right time for my final triumph.
With all the anger inside myself and wet red eyes … it took me a lot of discipline to see the higher purpose for my children. I transferred the money and hope she learned a lesson on how good her false friends are. How come she asked an enemy for help? She asked the one she was trying to destroy and take the kids away. Wow! I don’t know if that is another dirty trick. My children are still suffering. They are not as happy as they should be.  There is hope, that is all.


I am appealing to trained Auditors and smart people here. We can change the cult into something better. Find the right questions that work for any Scientologist. Write them down and publish them. We need to stop these protesters that are trying to harass rather than to help. Many of them don’t do it on purpose. I can imagine that they get upset by not getting their logic through, because the other person is not willing to listen and think. Robotism.

Call it 1.1 or being smart, maybe smart ass – I don’t care.

Protesters, please talk to the cult members politely. Be nice! Talk about the weather and have fun. It is more likely that they will listen to you then.


3 thoughts on “The right question. My ex and I.

  1. Spot on! It’s often cringe worthy to see how some protesters treat cult members. Have they never heard of the “golden rule”?

    I don’t know how anybody could think that spewing insults at someone could have a positive effect in any way, shape or form.

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