Evidence: Scientology says: Nicole Kidman is a High Crime

Nicole Kidman’s father Antony was a clinical psychologist – so what?
You don’t know the history of Psychiatry, I do. Who said that? Oh, wasn’t that Tom Cruise. The puzzle slowly makes sense. David Miscavige, the insane leader of the Scientology cult, was strictly against Tom’s marriage. It contradicted the cult policies. He had to get rid of Nicole. David Miscavige used Marty Rathbun and others to indoctrinate Tom to make it happen.

Merriam-Webster defines HIGH CRIME


1:  a crime of an infamous nature contrary to public morality but not technically constituting a felony; specifically :  an offense which the U.S. Senate deems to constitute adequate grounds for removal of the president, vice-president, or any civil officer as a person unfit to hold public office and deserving of impeachment
2:  a crime of a serious or aggravated nature

And now compare this with the following cult policy:


And it is not just about psychs. See, who is also on the list:

This third category would include people who are members or ex-members, or in families of members or ex-members of media, police spy organizations and government spy organizations such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or any other federal agency in any country. It definitely includes anyone who has ever gone to or threatened to go to the press or who has tried to sue Scientology.

I had to read this list roughly 5 times to really grasp what the guy was saying. This is pretty much everybody who is not a Scientologist, not just 2.5% percent. HBO is clear. IRS is clear. But this one: “DEPARTMENT OF JuSTICE”? WTF!
Do you get what Hubbard was saying?

And what is a spy organization? Isn’t OSA (office of special affairs, aka the new Gardians Office) a spy organization?

Feel free to sue me for putting this document online. I’d love to have the Streisand effect.

And on a side note:
Dear cult,
If you do not accept insane people, then you cannot claim to have cured any of them.
You also cannot attack psychs (“Not a single cure”) for not being successful, because they accept people that you deny.
And the funny part of this is that you are not successful despite that fact.


75 million years ago – mean aliens were blowing us up … according to SciFi Hubbard


This map was taken from australianmuseum.net.au.

[[follow the link if you don’t know much about Scientology: version with less technical terms]]
In the “OT III” (1967) materials Lafayette Ronald Hubbard claimed:

The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet, 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (Incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there “packaged”.

In December 1967 I knew someone had to take the plunge. I did and emerged very knocked out, but alive. Probably the only one ever to do so in 75,000,000 years. I have all the data now, but only that given here is needful.

Body Thetans are just Thetans. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies. He is in fact a sort of cleared Being. He cannot fail to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities. Many have been asleep for the last 75,000,000 years. A Body Thetan responds to any process any Thetan responds to.

INCIDENT 2: Dates approx. 75 million years ago, earth years, location, Earth, named TEEGEEACK at that time (meaning planet of sorrow), involved 33 planets of this sector, each with populations of 80 – 200 BILLION PER PLANET. XENU, the ruler, and ‘Renegades’ decided to solve overpopulation as follows, but was halted and XENU placed in a mountain trap after over 5 years of war.

Volcano List

HAWAII Pacific Ocean
MT HOOD Pacific NW
MT RAINIER Washington
MT ETNA Mediterranean
MT ST. HELENS Washington
MT EREBUS Antarctica
MT EVEREST Himalayas – Nepal & Tibet
MT KILIMANJARO Northeastern Africa
LAS PALMAS Canary Islands off NE
Africa MT SHASTA California
MT PELEE Martinique
Volcanoes existed New Zealand
at these locations Philippines
then, but no Mexico
longer South America
North Dakota

The geology of OT III obviously is pure nonsense. Almost all of the volcanoes listed by Hubbard and both Hawaii and Los Palmas came into being far more recently than 75 million years ago. On a simple point of logic, it seems strange that none of these volcanoes was damaged by the explosion of the hydrogen bombs.
You audit time and location. But how can anyone determine the correct location?

I could discuss it all over again, but I just wanted to highlight the nonsense for newcomers.
Simply follow the links for good explanations.
The materials

Scientology cult: The smart guy lies!


Spam as spam can.
Remember my post: https://barefacedmessiah.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/psychology-of-fraudulent-emails/
The idea behind spam is to lie as much as you can. This is a filter to find stupid people. The ones who answer are the ones you were looking for.

Ergo: To run a cult successfully you must lie. And the lies must be outrageous and obvious.

Here are two examples:


Dear beloved one,

May the glory of God shine upon you, I am writing this mail to you with
heavy tears In my eyes and great sorrow in my heart, My Name is Mrs.
Angelina Eric, a citizen of Bulgaria but resides herein England, I am
contacting you from England, I wish to tell you this because I don’t have
any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you, I am
married to Mr. Mogan Eric who worked with the British railways for 29 years
before he died on the 11th May 2012 after a brief illness and we had no

Recently, My Doctor told me that I would not last for the period of 2 months
due to cancerous ailment i am suffering from; he said i have just a limited
or numbered days to live here on earth, he also said my life spam will not
be over 2 months due to the cancerous problems i’m suffering now.The one
that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.

My husband and I deposited £4,000,000.00 pounds (Four Million Pounds only)
with a Security Company herein London before he died. Having known my
condition I have decided to hand over this money to you to use it to take
care of the less-privileged people, you will utilize this money the way I am
going to instruct herein.

Now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members
and no child. I have $3 Million US DOLLARS in Africa Development Bank
(ADB) Burkina Faso which i instructed the bank to give (St. Andrews
Missionary Home) in Burkina Faso. But my mind is not at rest because i am
writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed.

I want you to take 40% out of the total money £4,000,000.00 pounds (Four
Million Pounds only) for your personal use, While the rest of 60% of the
money will go for “charity work” (people in the street and helping the
orphanages) hence i have just a limited time to live here on earth; one
thing you should know is that i wouldn’t like this money to be used in an
ungodly way; i want it to be used to execute what i have instructed herein.
I grew up as an Orphan and I don’t have anybody as my family member, i am
doing this just to endeavor that the house of God is maintained.

Get back to me immediately endeavor to carry-out this proposal as to enable
me give you the contact information of the Security Company and also issue
you the MONEY DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE which i and my husband received from the
Security Company after depositing the fund; I shall also instruct them to
issue you an authorization letter that will prove you the present
beneficiary of money deposited with them.

Contact me on my private email: xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

I wait for your urgent response.

Mrs. Angelina Eric.





Your email Address attached to ticket number 085-12876077-09 with serial number 51390-0 that drew the lucky numbers of 03-06-08-10-12-16-27, which consequently won the lottery and Qualified you among Twenty five international Winners in the 5th category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of US$ 3,000, 000.00 (THREE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY), in cash credited to file with REF: N.EG/3662367114/13.

The Lucky Numbers.


All 25 winning email addresses wer e selected randomly from the World Wide Website through a computer draw system and extracted from over 50,000 email addresses & official addresses, that are listed online from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa, as part of our International Promotion Programme. This promotion takes place yearly.

This Lottery was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have operational base.

Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our South east asia regional representative Bangkok Thailand as indicated in your play coupon.
In view of this, your US $ 3,000,000.00 would be released to you through our payment office in Bangkok Thailand.

To begin your prize claim, You are advised to contact our co-ordinator in charge below as follows, for further instructions and directives on how to receive your cash prize.

Name: Rev.Peter Young Iva
Asia Pacific International Lottery Organization SOI NUI KLONG TOEI KLM 15 WATTANA BANGKOK THAILAND 10200 Tel :+(66)811-40-xxxx

Provide him the information below:
1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Marital Status:
4. Occupation:
5. Age:
6. Sex:
7. Nationality:
8. Country Of Residence:
9. Telephone Number:
10. Fax Number:
11. Draw Number above:03-06-08-10-12-16-27.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference numbers in all correspondences with us, Furthermore, should there be any change of address, please do inform our Co-ordinator as soon as possible.

Note that all winners prize fund is being insured in such a manner to avoid misappropriation. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and you r prize remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned.

Remember, all prize money must be claimed within 20 days to the date of notification. Any claim not made by this date will be returned to HER MAJESTYS DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Once again from all members of staff of the ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY ORGANIZATION and thank you for being a part of our International Promotion program.

We wish you continued good fortunes.

Dr.Thanaporn Deng
Asia Pacific International Lottery Organization

Yours Sincerely,
Sunan Virote
Vice President
Asia Pacific International Lottery Organization Asia Pacific Int’l Lottery Organization All Right Reserved Terms of Service – Guideline
776353 476328 258426

psychology of fraudulent emails

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is ...

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is Spicy (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Have you ever thought about why scam emails are written in such a stupid way?
No, these scammers are not that stupid as you might think.
It seems to be obvious that it is not the niece of the King of Brunei asking for help.
And it most likely sounds silly to you why someone is actually writing to you to offer you especially millions of Dollars.
There is a much higher science behind this.
By doing so they filter out the right people who would never get sceptical at all.
The ones who answer are the chosen ones!

Now you guess why David Miscavige bluntly lies and tells stories about the blue sky.
In the novel “1984” (by George Orwell) history is being rewritten constantly. This book is a perfect manual for brainwashing: starvation, threats, deprivations and a little bit of help at the very end to produce programmed slaves that finally accept the government and ask for their own punishment.

Degraded being – Déjà vu?
Have you suppressed anything at this very moment?
Yes, Church of Scientology, here we go.

If David Mythcabbage would not lie, he soon would be dead! He would be surrounded by brainiacs. Only an audacious conman telling you the impossible at all times can keep a cult alive.

So what about bare faced Hubbard himself? I doubt he lied on purpose. It was his nature. He was – as maniacs are – most likely not always aware of his own actions. It seems to me he really believed in his religion at some point. In fact he came up with some smart and usable ideas by summarising or reviewing existing thoughts. His developed technology had an inner consistent logic (as long as you stay inside his dataset).
Hubbard was a mix of a highly able man, who could maintain and develop such a big cult without ever getting physically caught. On the other side he was the personified evil.