How to play Bullshit Bingo against Scientologists

Protesting against Scientologists can be quite exhausting. You could talk to a vacuum cleaner and achieve better results. Don’t even try using any logic. Scientologists are programmed to ignore anything negative. Their ability to listen was lost during expensive courses and counseling.

I have something much better for you. Make your protests exiting with a few printouts. This is going to cause hilarious fun on both sides.

The game is called Bullshit Bingo.
There are two grids. One is for the cultist, one is for you. Please print out both. It is no secret that cultists won’t bring their own grids. You will also need at least two pens.

You may now start a discussion. Each time the person on the other side mentions a word from your list, you can it cross out.

Once you have 5 items in a row, column or diagonal, you must look at the face of the other person, step much closer and yell as loud as you can:


The maximum allowable distance is 10 inch. If you fail doing so within a few seconds, the other person wins.
You may watch the famous Scientology documentary before you leave your home, where John Sweeney demonstrated how proper yelling is done.

Play as long as it takes to get 5 valid items. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes merely a few minutes.

Wins from playing Bullshit Bingo:

“I could hardly believe how much fun you can have with such an easy setup. It took us about 10 ten minutes; I finally won. This were the most exiting minutes of my life!”
C.N., New York

“If I had known the game before, I would have been about 10x more often on the streets.”
B.S., London

“Wow, wow, wow. I love you. Thank you very much for the unbelievable cool game. What a pleasure!”
M.R., Tampa

“Where can I find more words for new grids? I’d love to play this game on a daily basis now!”
T.J., New Delhi

“The Scientologist got really upset after she had inevitably lost the game. She argued I had not given her any time to drill the game. Her course supervisor coincidently saw us and immediately issued a pink sheet to train more bullbaiting. “Your f#*$&!g TRs are unacceptable”, he said. Within minutes the course supervisor called the registrar and made an appointment while we continued playing the game.
The lady Scientologist said she wanted to play again and we agreed to meet in two weeks at the same location. The course supervisor also wants to come. He will bring someone from OSA as well, he said. This will be the greatest game ever. 4 players in total. AWESOME!”
G.G., East Grinstead

Grid for the Scientologist (to be used against the Protester):


Grid for the Protester (to be used against the Scientologist):



Contact requests


This is just a quick note. Some people asked me to contact them. I would love to do so, but this is simply too dangerous for me. You can tell me about public events anywhere in England and I might show up. But please do not expect any answers to your requests or messages unless they can be answered on my blog in public.

Modern war is being fought the guerilla style. Groups can be spotted. People can be spotted. But many unrelated people cannot be spotted altogether. The internet is our connection. I think it is not smart to be visible and run around naked with a white elephant, so that any cult fair gamer can aim at you. Being under the radar has huge advantages.

Together we will get David Miscavige for his crimes against human rights. It is just a matter of time. Time is on our side! He has too many enemies and will be removed from inside the cult or by a court order. This psychopath doesn’t need to know any of us. He has to suspect everyone and anyone. All in all we are like Agent Smiths of the Matrix … with a little difference here. We are not after the ones, who try to break free. We are after the ones, who enslave and bankrupt others, destroy families and think of themselves as heroes while acting at the brink of legality.

If you need help, then your first contact should be:

Scientology cult has problems at work


I have many ideas what to report on my next posts. There is enough material to write posts on a daily basis. Unfortunately time is an issue. I am seeing similar issues on other blogs. Anyway, so far I managed to publish one post a week and I will keep on doing this until the cult is defeated, not necessarily destroyed.

I have mentioned it quite often so far. I am not trying to fight against Scientology as a religion. I am fighting against evil. This only includes certain policies, people and behaviour. CCHR fights against abuse of psychiatrists, I fight against abuse in general, which includes abuse inside the cult of Scientology. And if CCHR was honest then it would also fight against abuse inside their own organisation. Somehow they don’t.

The cult tries to sell you books and courses about “The Problems of Work”. And funnily it also sells you books about “The Dynamics of Money”. They sell you quite a lot where they fail themselves. And why? Because they cannot confront real results in an unbiased way. Either the tech does not work, it is not applied or both. Fact is that David Napoleon Miscavige is terribly in trouble right now. He has definitely not solved his problems of work. And members cannot solve their money issues as well. Would studying “The Problems of Work” help? Very unlikely! The avalanche is running at full steam. Nothing can stop it anymore.

Check out the value of the books. You get them for a dollar or less on Amazon (no metaphor or joke!). The books are cheaper than toilet paper. But if you buy the same books in the cult it will cost you a fortune. After that you obviously have to continue with the money course. You may think it can help you, unfortunately it will just empty your pockets further.
Still you haven’t realised that you joined the cult of Scientology to solve your personal issues. But now you have a new “Game”, which is called “Save the world”. You can hardly take care for yourself. Obviously saving the world solves your minor issues …… in the  l o n g   r u n.

And the divorce, which is caused by your waste of family money, will definitely contribute to a better life. You tried hard to explain your husband you have to do the entire education over and over again. And it is such important that, when your husband comes home in the evenings, he has to prepare dinner and tidy up himself. The kids have spent all day in front of the TV. The course is holy! You are saving the world. Don’t worry about the divorce. Your problems of work at home are not important enough. They can’t hold a candle to the salvation of Teegeeack.
And your husband is an SP anyway. He blocks buying new books at 50$ when you can actually get them for 1$. He is so insane. He cannot see that 49$ are needed to protect Scientology in court.

I used to ask: “Don’t you get your money refunded when you win a court case?”

The cult is in serious trouble. False oath is next on the agenda. Surely, Miscavige and his minions will keep on lying. But how long can someone do this? The media is suppressive! They make false oath public. No idea how to avoid the media? Come on, just don’t lie and the media will not chase you.

Btw. former ED Int. Bill Franks blew the whistle some years ago. For the ones who have not seen the YouTube video yet, simply follow the link.

Scientology: Hubbard and Symbols

The Great Beast: the life and magick of Aleist...

(Photo credit: scorzonera)

In mathematics symbols represent numbers, vectors or something unknown. They are placeholders. And in everyday life they are used to summarise complex thoughts.
For instance the heart stands for love, the yin-yang for contrary forces and a yellow M can stand for McDonalds. Following the idea further down the line we could say that even money is a symbol. Also cars are symbols. Where the universe is just a thought everything becomes a symbol.

Well, seeing all as symbols would make sense, if we were gods and life was not serious – just a game. Let’s come down to the right level, where we believe to be in bodies and that life is serious. Symbols are symbols, whereas objects are not symbols. A symbol would eg. be wine representing the blood of Jesus, whereas a pen simply is an object.
As long as you are aware of the fact that you are dealing with symbols, they do not have any big effect on you. But what if you are not aware?
Let’s say you wear a talisman to protect you. You think the talisman has some magical power, because it stands for something spiritual. And when you get involved in an accident, your explanation is that you should have had two of these, right?
Hence an object has magic powers, but a being does not have such powers? That results in “objects are more spiritual than beings”?
Very confusing! An object is aware of its existence and can do telekinesis?

Hubbard placed symbols [know to mystery scale]  on the tone scale at -4 [needing bodies]. Nearby on the tone scale are “owning bodies” (-3) and “hiding” (-8).

We know Hubbard’s biography. He used a lot of symbols. He was practicing black magic. Nearly all in black magic has to do with symbols. Hubbard bought Saint Hill. Was it important to him to own a “saint” hill? Or was it important to be near Crawley. This town, which is the closest larger town near East Grinstead, sounds very much like “Crowley”. Hubbard was such a big fan of Aleister Crowley. Doesn’t it make sense he tried to use his symbolic name to gain his powers?
And the higher levels are called OT levels. Is there a link to the religious order O.T.O. that Aleister Crowley was the best known member of? The first OT level is very close to Crowley’s first level.
Hubbard even took the cross from his tarot cards for his church. Was he trying to tell the prosperity that he fooled everyone? It would make sense. Hubbard wanted to be known as the worst man ever, far more evil than his master Aleister Crowley, who called himself the most evil man alias “The Beast”. His first son Nibs disclosed this story.
And Thetan sounds very close to Satan. What is an OT then? Someone who is evil? I am sure there are a lot of people supporting such idea 😉
At least I can say that theta is the eighth alphabetic character in the Greek alphabet. Coincidently we have 8 dynamics and 8 OT levels.
Hubbard had more dynamics and more OT levels. But they are not used widely. Basically it is just 8 dynamics and 8 available OT levels.

A further symbolic name could be found in the city name “Clearwater”. Hubbard called the desirable state in Dianetics “clear”.  Does water stand for “baptismal water”? At least I cannot see any link to Crowley here; and Hubbard never mentioned anything to support that idea. I personally believe he left hints to tell everyone how powerful he was. Was he showing off with his superiority? Yes, but only non-cult-members could see it. He covertly made fun of his cult members. At the beginning he just let the poor guinea pigs throw their glasses into a bowl, later on he had young CMOs in bikinis and idiots running behind him holding ashtrays.

The more I think about Hubbard the less I understand the people who were around him.,+West+Sussex&hl=en&sll=51.030599,0.243073&sspn=0.352378,0.787582&geocode=FaYpDAMdfMf__yl_lxZHQ1jfRzFPql6lZhXAuw%3BFRTdCwMdpCT9_yk1_xMPk-11SDHbSjZSnpP5Eg&gl=uk&mra=ls&t=m&z=13

Cult of Scientology Library Campaign, Headquarter Saint Hill, East Grinstead, all-time high?


If you want to study Scientology, you can do it for free. Just go the nearest library and borrow the books you like. Scientologists purchased innumerable sets of the same books just to place them in well hidden libraries across the world. I somehow cannot find them, no matter how hard I try.

Well, I had a chance to be in East Grinstead last week. I went to the town library just to see the book campaign in action. You would expect that East Grinstead is not just anywhere, East Grinstead is THE home of LRH, it is THE only true Saint Hill (even though it is not Saint Hill size since ages). Never ask why Saint Hill is not Saint Hill size after watching multiple through the roof expansion propaganda videos … Maxwell’s Silver Hammer comes down upon your head #:(

There were fewer books last year.  In the meantime all entheta books have disappeared, most likely by OSA scarecrow Phil Harbour. Also the “Scientology Handbook” is missing, which makes sense. Too many celebrities have disappeared, the Scientology Handbook has become a dangerous book to read, it is full of SP pictures. I liked the handbook, it was one of the books that could give you a quick and cheap overview of Scientology. There was no need to play cash cow for the secrets of any Golden Age blablabla.

I counted 14 books including the duplicate Dianetics book. Poor guy who donated 1,000$ for this as you can probably get all these books in a bundle these days for 100$ on eBay. By not donating the money this poor guy could have saved 900$ or provided books to 9 additional libraries. I guess this is not in the interest of Miscavige’s breakfast caviar and is considered highly unethical. How dare anybody 10x any previous statistics … very, very, very unethical!

In the Biography section I found my favourite book “Bare Faced Messiah”. It was the only critical book I could find. The Ron Series (6 books in the shelf,  full set would be 16 volumes), telling how godlike Hubbard was, were right next to my lovely Bare Faced Messiah. The Ron Series looked all new, never borrowed. However Bare Faced Messiah looked quite old and used … yay. Well, I have to admit that the physical book size of the Ron Series contributes to the dusty nonex situation. The large books simply do not fit into the shelf, so they were put in there horizontally. Very nice, that way nobody can see the titles of the books. LOL

Let me add something to the godlike status of Hubbard. Check this one out: “Music Maker: Composer & Performer”. My SP heart stops beating! Have you ever listened to his songs? OMG, how can anybody call this music? You must be an idiot to humbly refer to LRH as “musician”. My kids can write better lyrics … maybe simply because they are more godlike for me. 😉