The Telegraph: Small man syndrome at the top of Scientology?

Sorry, I am terribly busy since nearly a year now. My career is doing very well and money is flowing in faster than ever. And all this with Wog technology. My posting activity is obviously suffering.

Today, I found a really nice article in the “The Telegraph”. I studied Tom Cruise’s childhood and I also know David Miscavige’s past very well. Both are pretty small ((rather small than pretty)) and had/have violent periods.

Read these LULS! Mabe we have to redefine “clear” as in “make someone/something clear forcefully”.

Last year at study by Oxford University concluded that feeling smaller makes people feel paranoid, mistrustful and more likely to think that people are staring or talking about them.


Is David Miscavige inherently evil?

L Ron Hubbard Playing Cards

L Ron Hubbard Playing Cards (Photo credit: Librarian In Black)

Telling you that DM is psychotic is easy, there are many hints and not much points to any other direction. It does not matter whether we have a look at his childhood or adulthood. He was and is an aggressive choleric person. Yes, DM has always been kinda psychotic.

But what would you personally have done in his situation?

DM believes in Scientology, he cannot see outpoints. That is not specific to Scientology. Christians are also believing in a lot of nonsense. Even the Buddhists, who are quite advanced, have weird rules where you must always walk clockwise around objects. Self-criticism is out of scope.
Religion can make you as blind as love can.
Being open-minded would invalidate your life, all you were standing up for, all you have lived for. So how can you expect a complex protective system like the brain or mind to allow new thoughts easily. It seems to be part and parcel of human nature to drink Kool-Aid.

Like DM LRH also was an aggressive choleric person. Expressing this in Scientology terms, it seems there is no doubt that DM is in Ron’s valence. Yelling at people, punishing them, accusing them, depriving them of sleep and money, lying at them, living a posh life whereas others share dormitories and live the poverty of communism while claiming to be winning.

Hubbard got his shrimp boxes delivered from New York via London then via Madrid then via Casablanca to Safi. So, why are you complaining about DM having his suppressive diet where he has similar poshness going on.
When DM took over, he already had problems of magnitude. He had to defend Hubbard who was constantly being attacked by many for his sins, not because of the psychs. David’s job was to maintain the cult he believed in. What a task! How can you defend something that can hardly be justified.
Well, cutting people’s communication lines down was the key. He actually just needed to keep on doing what was practiced already. (Scientology itself calls it Keep on doing wrong to show that you are right.) You can only enslave disciples in the cult by blinding them. And as the tech says: You can control people by lying to them. There was no internet, such business was not that difficult as nowadays. The disconnection policy had to be maintained at all means.

Then you had to tell the disciples acceptable truths by claiming Hubbard had dropped his body for research on higher levels. There was no Superpower, OT IX or OT X. Shark Davy tried to deliver Superpower, but it killed Joe Feshbach. So it needed to be altered like the first version of OT VIII where people died like flies. Would you continue or wait a few years? What would you do now? The only hope was probably to wait for Hubbard to return and deliver the proper tech himself (unless it could be gotten from Pat Broeker). This is just a thesis to work with, don’t get it wrong.

Now, you slow down every move and simply wait for the messiah to return. You give hope to the people. Hubbard did not show up so far, the obstacles need to get bigger and bigger.
There are many ways how to look at things. Nevertheless one factor is common.

Hubbard wrote the tech, not Miscavige! Miscavige has only put the cherry on top.

DM uses LRH’s tech which emanated from an evil mind.
And here is the catch:

  • The tech should not be used blindly as documented. It definitely has its flaws.
  • If you do not want to use it blindly, you need to change it slowly without anybody noticing it. But obviously the KSW policies are not your friends.
  • You need to tell everyone that you are committed to LRH.
  • Showing commitment means you have to fully defend it.
  • Defending it as infallible is impossible.

However you decide, the cult falls apart. It does not matter whether you keep the tech or implement a new one. Especially with the attacks from outside this is a really tough task. Sometimes you are given a role in life and then you try dealing with it as good as you can. DM either knows that Scientology is a cult or he is dedicated. In case he knows that it is a cult, then I consider him being evil.

I tried to be open-minded about DM. Only that way I can blog something that others have not covered yet.

My personal opinion is that only the following can save the Church of Scientology:

  • abolish the dogma that all about Hubbard and the tech is good
  • enter an open dialog about mistakes in public
  • show remorse and reform the cult into a church
  • reload the matrix  😉

The internet has changed the rules. Transparency and DM are toxic for the Church of Scientology. It will therefore lose the battle in the long run if above points (except reloading the matrix) will not be applied soon.