How to play Bullshit Bingo against Scientologists

Protesting against Scientologists can be quite exhausting. You could talk to a vacuum cleaner and achieve better results. Don’t even try using any logic. Scientologists are programmed to ignore anything negative. Their ability to listen was lost during expensive courses and counseling.

I have something much better for you. Make your protests exiting with a few printouts. This is going to cause hilarious fun on both sides.

The game is called Bullshit Bingo.
There are two grids. One is for the cultist, one is for you. Please print out both. It is no secret that cultists won’t bring their own grids. You will also need at least two pens.

You may now start a discussion. Each time the person on the other side mentions a word from your list, you can it cross out.

Once you have 5 items in a row, column or diagonal, you must look at the face of the other person, step much closer and yell as loud as you can:


The maximum allowable distance is 10 inch. If you fail doing so within a few seconds, the other person wins.
You may watch the famous Scientology documentary before you leave your home, where John Sweeney demonstrated how proper yelling is done.

Play as long as it takes to get 5 valid items. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes merely a few minutes.

Wins from playing Bullshit Bingo:

“I could hardly believe how much fun you can have with such an easy setup. It took us about 10 ten minutes; I finally won. This were the most exiting minutes of my life!”
C.N., New York

“If I had known the game before, I would have been about 10x more often on the streets.”
B.S., London

“Wow, wow, wow. I love you. Thank you very much for the unbelievable cool game. What a pleasure!”
M.R., Tampa

“Where can I find more words for new grids? I’d love to play this game on a daily basis now!”
T.J., New Delhi

“The Scientologist got really upset after she had inevitably lost the game. She argued I had not given her any time to drill the game. Her course supervisor coincidently saw us and immediately issued a pink sheet to train more bullbaiting. “Your f#*$&!g TRs are unacceptable”, he said. Within minutes the course supervisor called the registrar and made an appointment while we continued playing the game.
The lady Scientologist said she wanted to play again and we agreed to meet in two weeks at the same location. The course supervisor also wants to come. He will bring someone from OSA as well, he said. This will be the greatest game ever. 4 players in total. AWESOME!”
G.G., East Grinstead

Grid for the Scientologist (to be used against the Protester):


Grid for the Protester (to be used against the Scientologist):



Witch Hunt


Some weeks ago I read an article on Yahoo, where Indian women were burnt for witchcraft. There are similar stories in Africa. And recently a women beheaded her baby on an altar here in the UK. Such affects me emotionally and reminds me of religious fanaticism.

Mind control is a big issue in Scientology. Although you are not burned on a stake the similarities are astonishing.

I clearly remember that my ex-wife used to ask me regularly: “What are you thinking?”

She was afraid of thoughts against Scientology and she knew she had to report any evil thoughts and counter intentions to the ethics officer. And it happened very often that I ended up being accused of evil thoughts whenever I told her that my thoughts were free and she had no right to control my thoughts. My point was and still is that actions may be punished, but definitely not thoughts.

She believed I would make her ill. My thoughts obviously had an effect in the physical universe. That is why I was not allowed to think freely. Guess how much I loved the phrase “counter intention”.

Not only did LRH say that PTS-ness comes from your own overts, I believe that the “you make me ill” is the low of the low on the responsibility scale. But who cares to actually apply the master’s teachings in practice. There was no way to discuss this in the local org. She was always right, and I was always wrong. What counted was the side you chose, not what your arguments were. I quickly understood that the cult members are always right no matter what they say as long as it makes any non-conformist wrong. This is what most likely also goes on in David Miscavige’s head.

Furthermore, there is an auditor’s policy stating that you should never say sorry and, by doing so, avoid cases caving in. Such creates the most cold-blooded and hated people in the world, doesn’t it?

I asked my ex what made her believe that I was such a big OT, being able to influence or control MEST with my pure thoughts. Are critical thoughts in Scientology more OT than any OT VIII phenomena?

I tried to explain her logically that such was impossible and not in line with the teachings. I then explicitly allowed her to kill me with her thoughts. What about an instant heart attack – cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time and LIFE? She never agreed, because deep inside she knew she could not do this.

Killing me with thoughts would not have been an ethics case, because you cannot commit overts against SPs by definition. And I guess the police wouldn’t really care as well.

But how did she get the idea I would be capable of doing such? And here is the link to witchcraft. Evil apparently is stronger than good.

People can become quite fanatic, they cannot perceive any logic. So, why do you need to become OT if you have OT powers already? Does the real world behave like in the movie “Star Wars”? Is the dark side stronger … besides Luke Skywalker? Oh man, why study white magic then? Do you really want to succumb all the time?

Evidently, I am still alive – no heart attack and no illnesses. Furthermore I am highly successful in my job. No need to propitiate a cult or spend all my time on a course that I did not really choose myself. The last holidays were the most luxurious ever. Surely, my ex would always find an excuse for that. And you know what? She works for a minimum wage. How almighty is that? Yeah, I know, it is because of me. My far distance thoughts impact her success negatively.

Scientologists always have weird excuses – like in any other religion. These can cause uncomfortable feelings to the listeners called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

This is what I experienced first-hand:
A woman with all L rundowns told me, she simply had not decided to not wear glasses. And an OT VIII explained me that he would not go exterior just to proof his abilities. Another OT claimed to be able to talk about any topic. But asking him some simple questions about sex did shut him up. And he was preaching like mad that seedless watermelons were suppressive acts against their second dynamic.

There are no OT abilities besides human abilities. But SPs seem to possess this kind of magic that Scientologists don’t. What about witches? The society assigns/assigned abilities that they are/were not having. And somehow the inquisition was always right and the victims in lose-lose situations. Priests had the direct connection to god, you know. All good comes from god; all evil is caused by evil forces. No word about the existence of evil forces due to God. No way – he never created evil. There must be a second creator in the Bible. Damn, I just cannot remember where this was written down. Everybody knows that God’s white magic succumbs to black magic.

And here we return to Scientology: OTs are weaker than SPs. How archaic is that?

OJ Simpson about Scientology, Oh Dear Simpson, OMG Simpson.



  • We are the most ethical beings on earth.
  • 100% Standard Tech
  • Reducing crime rate by 50%+
  • A clear has full and perfect recall of every moment.
  • Psychiatry? Not a single cure!


Hubbard vs. Freud


Sigmund Freud, 6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939 (83 years), Austria
L. Ron Hubbard, 13 March 1911 – 24 January 1986 (74 years), USA

The new master always shows his dedication to the previous master … at least at the beginning. This is ancient rule that we observe throughout each history book.
It was Commander Thompson, who presumably taught Hubbard about Freudian Psychology. True or not, who cares?

Ron rarely had good things to say about anyone. There was always something, why everybody was wrong and Hubbard was right. It is a good trick to sell your own Kool-Aid.
Freud did everything wrong. According to Hubbard he only concentrated on sex (libido), wrote many useless books and had no cure. In hindsight I could say, Hubbard described himself.
Freud did not start a religion, he did not have any kind of Guardian Office, he did not die that early, had not Vistaril in his blood, did not take drugs and he had no reason to hide. Freud was not convicted of any crime anywhere (as far as I know). I’d say more people were acknowledging Freud than Hubbard.

Freud’s psychoanalysis was mundane. Nevertheless, it was not for public/general use. And it was exactly this neglected factor that gave Hubbard’s Dianetics the famous push for a while. Hubbard reduced Freud’s ideas to what he could understand himself, claimed it was not psychoanalysis (and hypnotism), and then told people on the streets that they could use HIS technique right away.

Hubbard was not awarded an Honorary Doctorate like Freud. His life was full of lies and fiction, whereas Freud did some serious pioneer research. I am still not sure if Hubbard believed in his proclaimed research, many parts are heavily superficial or made up. It sometimes seems that he did find out something useful, but then it is his overall personality making him questionable and disturbing.

David Mayo audited Hubbard, so Hubbard did believe in his science. But at the same time he knew that he was a con man, didn’t he? Was he aware of this? Was it his drug abuse that made him behave like this? Hubbard knew his own folder, because Otto Roos had nearly caused him big trouble with his rock slams. Hubbard – as a scientist – could not have possibly ignored his own rock slams; only as con man. Otto Roos unmistakably indicated to Hubbard that he was a big pile of evil purposes. Roos was not just anyone. He was the first OT VIII and one of only five top-level Class XII auditors trained by Hubbard himself. For sure Roos had to be wrong, it would have been the end of Scientology.

This meter reading of Scientology seems to work properly.
At that point Ron must have understood two things:
a) Scientology worked, which was good news.
b) Scientology worked against himself by disclosing his real personality.

This is very contradicting. And I am sure Hubbard came across many similar situations. It could explain his situation of actively conning everyone while believing in his technique (without necessarily having to be schizophrenic).
Therefore Ron knew he was a con man AND he was also convinced that there was some truth in what he was selling.

When you study Scientology – knowing Hubbards personality muddle – only then you can understand that there were indeed two personalities. Only people with full background data can fully understand Hubbard’s bulletins and policy letters. Sometimes they were written to defend and explain away Hubbard’s mega fraud, sometimes they were written by a dedicated person.

Hubbard was smart and insane, he was a genius and a demon. He was never caught.

Freud was none of that. He was a scientist and pioneer. I don’t know how much Freud copied from others. But for sure it was not as much as Hubbard did. Freud sold his own research, Hubbard sold his own and everyone else’s research in his own name … if you can call this research at all. Freud was far more honest than Hubbard. His wealth was limited, unlike Hubbard who died as a super rich man.

What about religion?
Sigmund Freud was born to Jewish parents in the heavily Roman Catholic town of Freiburg, Moravia. Throughout his life, Freud endeavored to understand religion and spirituality and wrote several books devoted to the subject, including Totem and Taboo (1913), The Future of an Illusion (1927), Civilization and Its Discontents (1930), and Moses and Monotheism (1938).
Religion, Freud believed, was an expression of underlying psychological neuroses and distress. At various points in his writings, he suggested that religion was an attempt to control the Oedipal complex, a means of giving structure to social groups, wish-fulfillment, an infantile delusion, and an attempt to control the outside world.

And was Hubbard religious? I doubt! He used religion to escape the law. Under the guise of several church institutions there was no need to prove any pseudo science and there was no need for qualifications. We are not even discussing the IRS.
Hubbard was selfish like mad. He was rich while the Sea Org members were suffering. This has nothing to do with religion, even though you could argue that money has always been an issue in any religion.
Hubbard could have used the money to disseminate his religion much faster, but in fact he did not!
He was definitely a person without any sympathy. He just tried to find his own benefit at all times. His children, he did not care. His wifes, he did not care. His business partners, he did not care. Furthermore he used them; abuse is probably a better word. Read Bare-Faced Messiah and get the full story.

This might interest you as well:
Healer Hubbard vs. Healer Burzynski

75 million years ago – mean aliens were blowing us up … according to SciFi Hubbard


This map was taken from

[[follow the link if you don’t know much about Scientology: version with less technical terms]]
In the “OT III” (1967) materials Lafayette Ronald Hubbard claimed:

The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet, 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (Incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there “packaged”.

In December 1967 I knew someone had to take the plunge. I did and emerged very knocked out, but alive. Probably the only one ever to do so in 75,000,000 years. I have all the data now, but only that given here is needful.

Body Thetans are just Thetans. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies. He is in fact a sort of cleared Being. He cannot fail to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities. Many have been asleep for the last 75,000,000 years. A Body Thetan responds to any process any Thetan responds to.

INCIDENT 2: Dates approx. 75 million years ago, earth years, location, Earth, named TEEGEEACK at that time (meaning planet of sorrow), involved 33 planets of this sector, each with populations of 80 – 200 BILLION PER PLANET. XENU, the ruler, and ‘Renegades’ decided to solve overpopulation as follows, but was halted and XENU placed in a mountain trap after over 5 years of war.

Volcano List

HAWAII Pacific Ocean
MT HOOD Pacific NW
MT RAINIER Washington
MT ETNA Mediterranean
MT ST. HELENS Washington
MT EREBUS Antarctica
MT EVEREST Himalayas – Nepal & Tibet
MT KILIMANJARO Northeastern Africa
LAS PALMAS Canary Islands off NE
Africa MT SHASTA California
MT PELEE Martinique
Volcanoes existed New Zealand
at these locations Philippines
then, but no Mexico
longer South America
North Dakota

The geology of OT III obviously is pure nonsense. Almost all of the volcanoes listed by Hubbard and both Hawaii and Los Palmas came into being far more recently than 75 million years ago. On a simple point of logic, it seems strange that none of these volcanoes was damaged by the explosion of the hydrogen bombs.
You audit time and location. But how can anyone determine the correct location?

I could discuss it all over again, but I just wanted to highlight the nonsense for newcomers.
Simply follow the links for good explanations.
The materials

Brainwashing Manual: My Wife, Scientology and I


Time is passing fast, but I am still in pain. The depression is coming down, what remains is pure sadness. Each week I am looking at photos of my once happy family and what nice moments we had. Tears are still showing up. It is hard to believe how someone can give up all this for the so-called eternity. Can someone really go up the bridge with such cold heart? Or is it that you can only go up the bridge when you are cold-hearted?
I gave my children a selection of these pictures – a 45 minute slide show. They were censored by their mum, then they were allowed to see them. I thought it would cause some feelings inside my ex-wife. But there was nothing – no regret. So we cannot even be friends. The disconnection policy of the cult is in force. She has become a very aggressive person constantly yelling at my children. She cannot even perceive that.

In the meantime I studied the nature some cults and they are quite similar. The basic key to brainwash people is – and this makes a very good definition for brainwashing – to control willing members, whereas control is based on agreement. Lies are part and parcel of control.
Hubbard mentioned it, but nobody really understood him:  “The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.”

So what are cults doing?
They teach the opposite of what they are doing.
They strive for spiritual freedom, but they take it away.
You are told that money is not so important, but the leader is rich like mad.
They don’t teach love or affinity, in fact they teach hate and suppression.
You think you are spiritually growing, but you constantly get worse.
You give up your human rights (eg. communication) based on your own decision – whatever the justification is.
You are told that you are amongst the chosen ones – to do what? Yes, to serve a master. Not a god, a human!
They tell you that you must safe the world and souls.
Your original purpose – the WHY you joined the cult – is perverted. You wanted to solve a small problem, but now you are given a much bigger one. Thus your problems get worse.

But what is the common denominator?
It’s brainwashing, which is:

Bring a person to a point where he denies “HIMSELF” new information unless it is from an authority of the cult.
Self-inflicted agreement is the key, it is Pandora’s box.
The victim can now be reprogrammed in favour of a master.

You must not think for yourself even if slogans and scriptures tell the opposite. You ignore conflicts and blame your low understanding on yourself. Someone else knows and understands more than you do! You begin to trust people, but these people tell you lies. You are naive, you do not expect these people to lie to you. This is your demise. And then you start calling every non-member a liar.

From now on you are in the Truman show. It is real for you, but not for others. (
How can you keep people in there? You make sure they will always agree to not look for themselves.
Step two can be achieved by fear. Your soul will die if you get excommunicated. You must obey under all circumstances.
If that is not enough then fear of mental pain or physical punishment is introduced.

How to make it even more sustainable?
You have to make a person do something extremely bad. Interesting, how come? The turning point in most cults is when you agreed (under whatever pressure) to do something extremely bad. One lady told that she got obsessed with her cult after she killed a baby even though she was against doing so in the first place. She felt the power of having done such. In fact this is the ultimate bad deed. It bars the way back! You are trapped! You have chosen the side, you have chosen your group. IT ENDS YOUR DOUBT CONDITION. FINITO!

(George Orwell had this solution to break people: Take all you can away, torture and when the person is broken, give back a tiny bit. Then the person will happily accept the bait and serve you.)

In my case, what could I expect from my wife? Assets are gone, the family is destroyed, the children are devastated, the court case was lost, she actively denied to look, she actively denied to gather information herself, she told lies to her family, she told lies to the court, she told lies to the police, she has not done her ethics conditions according to Scientology, happiness is gone – all for her PRO-SURVIVAL 3rd dynamic …
If she now admitted that she was wrong … her only expectation could be to be shot down within minutes. So the subconscious calculation here is to keep on doing wrong and hope that her unexamined source of information (OSA) is the TRUTH, because Scientology is the “study of truth”.
And weirdly enough I would not expect a lot to let her out of the vicious circle. She is still the mum of my children. And for the sake of my children I would only expect a few words of responsibility. Something like “I have done this and that”, but no victim versions like “I was told lies” or “I was manipulated”.

For sure it is irritating that she would never treat me like this. Yes, THAT hurts.

Anyway, we must forgive, we must forget.

It is not necessarily for your karma. It is a necessity to find peace for yourself.

The Mecca of Thought Control

Ausschwitz B-W / Vorsicht Color

Ausschwitz B-W / Vorsicht Color (Photo credit: bramloquet)

My first entry is a quick quote from Marty Rathbun’s blog.
It actually is a rough summary of what happened to me.
Well, my problem was that I have always been conservative.
So I was too open minded, cautious, and in cult terms “PTS”.
Clearly, you need to get rid of open minded people.
They are dangerous, they are not buying everything.
Nice word game though :’)

Able and quite happy to carry out meaningless, expensive orders
until one’s savings are depleted,
one’s family is sundered,
and one’s integrity is non-existent.

Able to listen to, duplicate and believe hours of David Miscavige’s tortured, misquoted tidbits of L Ron Hubbard writings to make them stand for precisely the opposite of what they were intended to achieve.