How to play Bullshit Bingo against Scientologists

Protesting against Scientologists can be quite exhausting. You could talk to a vacuum cleaner and achieve better results. Don’t even try using any logic. Scientologists are programmed to ignore anything negative. Their ability to listen was lost during expensive courses and counseling.

I have something much better for you. Make your protests exiting with a few printouts. This is going to cause hilarious fun on both sides.

The game is called Bullshit Bingo.
There are two grids. One is for the cultist, one is for you. Please print out both. It is no secret that cultists won’t bring their own grids. You will also need at least two pens.

You may now start a discussion. Each time the person on the other side mentions a word from your list, you can it cross out.

Once you have 5 items in a row, column or diagonal, you must look at the face of the other person, step much closer and yell as loud as you can:


The maximum allowable distance is 10 inch. If you fail doing so within a few seconds, the other person wins.
You may watch the famous Scientology documentary before you leave your home, where John Sweeney demonstrated how proper yelling is done.

Play as long as it takes to get 5 valid items. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes merely a few minutes.

Wins from playing Bullshit Bingo:

“I could hardly believe how much fun you can have with such an easy setup. It took us about 10 ten minutes; I finally won. This were the most exiting minutes of my life!”
C.N., New York

“If I had known the game before, I would have been about 10x more often on the streets.”
B.S., London

“Wow, wow, wow. I love you. Thank you very much for the unbelievable cool game. What a pleasure!”
M.R., Tampa

“Where can I find more words for new grids? I’d love to play this game on a daily basis now!”
T.J., New Delhi

“The Scientologist got really upset after she had inevitably lost the game. She argued I had not given her any time to drill the game. Her course supervisor coincidently saw us and immediately issued a pink sheet to train more bullbaiting. “Your f#*$&!g TRs are unacceptable”, he said. Within minutes the course supervisor called the registrar and made an appointment while we continued playing the game.
The lady Scientologist said she wanted to play again and we agreed to meet in two weeks at the same location. The course supervisor also wants to come. He will bring someone from OSA as well, he said. This will be the greatest game ever. 4 players in total. AWESOME!”
G.G., East Grinstead

Grid for the Scientologist (to be used against the Protester):


Grid for the Protester (to be used against the Scientologist):



Witch Hunt


Some weeks ago I read an article on Yahoo, where Indian women were burnt for witchcraft. There are similar stories in Africa. And recently a women beheaded her baby on an altar here in the UK. Such affects me emotionally and reminds me of religious fanaticism.

Mind control is a big issue in Scientology. Although you are not burned on a stake the similarities are astonishing.

I clearly remember that my ex-wife used to ask me regularly: “What are you thinking?”

She was afraid of thoughts against Scientology and she knew she had to report any evil thoughts and counter intentions to the ethics officer. And it happened very often that I ended up being accused of evil thoughts whenever I told her that my thoughts were free and she had no right to control my thoughts. My point was and still is that actions may be punished, but definitely not thoughts.

She believed I would make her ill. My thoughts obviously had an effect in the physical universe. That is why I was not allowed to think freely. Guess how much I loved the phrase “counter intention”.

Not only did LRH say that PTS-ness comes from your own overts, I believe that the “you make me ill” is the low of the low on the responsibility scale. But who cares to actually apply the master’s teachings in practice. There was no way to discuss this in the local org. She was always right, and I was always wrong. What counted was the side you chose, not what your arguments were. I quickly understood that the cult members are always right no matter what they say as long as it makes any non-conformist wrong. This is what most likely also goes on in David Miscavige’s head.

Furthermore, there is an auditor’s policy stating that you should never say sorry and, by doing so, avoid cases caving in. Such creates the most cold-blooded and hated people in the world, doesn’t it?

I asked my ex what made her believe that I was such a big OT, being able to influence or control MEST with my pure thoughts. Are critical thoughts in Scientology more OT than any OT VIII phenomena?

I tried to explain her logically that such was impossible and not in line with the teachings. I then explicitly allowed her to kill me with her thoughts. What about an instant heart attack – cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time and LIFE? She never agreed, because deep inside she knew she could not do this.

Killing me with thoughts would not have been an ethics case, because you cannot commit overts against SPs by definition. And I guess the police wouldn’t really care as well.

But how did she get the idea I would be capable of doing such? And here is the link to witchcraft. Evil apparently is stronger than good.

People can become quite fanatic, they cannot perceive any logic. So, why do you need to become OT if you have OT powers already? Does the real world behave like in the movie “Star Wars”? Is the dark side stronger … besides Luke Skywalker? Oh man, why study white magic then? Do you really want to succumb all the time?

Evidently, I am still alive – no heart attack and no illnesses. Furthermore I am highly successful in my job. No need to propitiate a cult or spend all my time on a course that I did not really choose myself. The last holidays were the most luxurious ever. Surely, my ex would always find an excuse for that. And you know what? She works for a minimum wage. How almighty is that? Yeah, I know, it is because of me. My far distance thoughts impact her success negatively.

Scientologists always have weird excuses – like in any other religion. These can cause uncomfortable feelings to the listeners called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

This is what I experienced first-hand:
A woman with all L rundowns told me, she simply had not decided to not wear glasses. And an OT VIII explained me that he would not go exterior just to proof his abilities. Another OT claimed to be able to talk about any topic. But asking him some simple questions about sex did shut him up. And he was preaching like mad that seedless watermelons were suppressive acts against their second dynamic.

There are no OT abilities besides human abilities. But SPs seem to possess this kind of magic that Scientologists don’t. What about witches? The society assigns/assigned abilities that they are/were not having. And somehow the inquisition was always right and the victims in lose-lose situations. Priests had the direct connection to god, you know. All good comes from god; all evil is caused by evil forces. No word about the existence of evil forces due to God. No way – he never created evil. There must be a second creator in the Bible. Damn, I just cannot remember where this was written down. Everybody knows that God’s white magic succumbs to black magic.

And here we return to Scientology: OTs are weaker than SPs. How archaic is that?

Scientology, I cannot get over it



Several year after leaving Scientology, I am still suffering from its effects. The most important part of my life was and is to give my children the best childhood. But now I am in a situation that cannot be fixed anymore. The damage is done. Day after day painful thoughts come back and capture my attention. It hurts to have seen all this.
My wife was willing to destroy everything and everyone. She even included herself.

What for?
To be on courses, to do Scientology, to gain powers that do not exist.
How to have a successful family? Why do a course for something that is right in front of you? Now, there is nothing left and she would really need such course.

She destroyed her and other lives thoroughly. In her view everybody was suppressive. Her parents, my parents, her relatives, my relatives, the government, the psychs, her BFF … just her cousin that she hated, she suddenly became her best friend.

After the divorce she quickly ran out of time and money. That means she cannot even do Scientology anymore – but the WAR was all about Scientology, wasn’t it?
Looking at the present situation would make her past actions terribly wrong. Still, she considers herself being a dedicated Scientologist. She is grasping at straws like many other Scientologists.

Forgiving her is tough. The destruction has been awful. My ex-wife is far away from awakening. With her “Fair Game” activities she crossed the threshold to hell.
This is an important part of cults. They make you do something really bad. The victim digs himself/herself a hole, too deep to leave. What a good strategy. You choose the sides and any confession would immediately kill you. Well, it is a metaphor, but this is pretty much how it works.

I guess Scientology added a positive entry into her ethics folder. They will suddenly see the entry differently as soon as she dares (if she ever does) to question the organisation.

How can anybody forgive anyone, who has not even come close to taking responsibility. And how can any cult member ever get there? You are blinded! Sweet lies are much easier to confront.

Will my wife ever be able to see again? And how should I react when she wakes up too late? I mean, it is quite easy to admit something after it has become obvious. Let’s say the cult is closing down. What is the value of penitence at that late stage?
When a robber runs away with all the cash, then there is some value of returning the money before he has been caught. But what is the value of returning the money after he has been caught and forced to give up?

This question is driving me nuts. I want to fix the family as much as I can. At the same time I know that I would have to accept further punches below the belt to do so. Is that greatness or that pure stupidity?

I have to fight against the devil, at the same time I cannot fight against the devil as I would destroy the ones I love most – my children. I finally understand Friedrich Schiller inside out. The hero has to suffer. His duties are more important. He decides against his desires.

But what are my duties? This question remains open. How can I fight the evil and not destroy myself at the same time?
I am the one who never needed any help or advice. I have always been ahead of others. My past success stories were outstanding. Then I came across my wife, who would not dare to “inform herself honestly” and rather destroy the family.

This time I have no clue. This was not part of any calculation. This was not forseeable. This was pure insanity. Treason! I was stabbed into my back.
Now, I do need help to go through all this. But I cannot imagine anyone being able to rewind the time. And even if anybody could rewind the time … I guess I would do a lot pretty much the same way again. Hence, it seems to be my fortune.

Schiller, I finally understand.

Who is Kristi Wachter?


Amanda-Knox-Silvio-Berlusconi-Funny-Demotivational-Posters (Photo credit:

Kristi Wachter is just one amongst many enemies of the cult of Scientology. She has her own blog and web pages.You can easily google or youtube her activities.
Besides this she is good-looking and has just the right adorable personality. Oh, maybe I should ask her to marry me.

Unfortunately there is one f#%!&#% big problem with her. She attacks me unknowingly, makes my life hard and does not care.
I don’t give a s#!% on her arguments or what side she is fighting for. She has put my name on her page to stigmatize me as a Scientologist for all times. Not only that I have a very unique name, adding my ex-wife’s name on the same line regarding our IAS status makes it really clear that this is not anyone else. People google my name whenever I am trying to get a new job or meet new people.
Yes, I have been a member of the cult some time ago. But I never had
bad intentions and I never harmed anyone personally. I was one of the conservative members who got in trouble for not being an easy-going Kool-Aid drinker.
Kristi does not care. Furthermore she rejects removing names:
“I’m sorry, but I think it’s important that the data remain intact so that other researchers can use it, as described above.
I am very interested in accuracy, though, so if you find incorrect information on my site – whether in these lists or elsewhere – please let me know.”
She is like one of the 9/11 attackers, someone who does not care who the victims are. Anyone is acceptable. Her attacks are having no clear target. Just kill arbitrarily. She does not even know me, but she puts my name on her discriminating page, what an evil purpose …
It gives her the Angel Face of Amanda Knox. So I am confused. What to do next?
Most likely I should attack her financially to get her server down. And when she is ruined, has no home anymore and needs some help, then I should ask her to marry me 😉

This is written with a sense of black humor, but indeed it is quite serious what she is doing. If someone attacks the cult of Scientology, that he/she should only attack the cult, not just anyone. What kind of warrior shoots at children? Kristi is a really bad example on how to fight a battle and bring this cult down. So I am not only asking the cult, but also her: “What are your crimes against humanity?”