The Telegraph: Small man syndrome at the top of Scientology?

Sorry, I am terribly busy since nearly a year now. My career is doing very well and money is flowing in faster than ever. And all this with Wog technology. My posting activity is obviously suffering.

Today, I found a really nice article in the “The Telegraph”. I studied Tom Cruise’s childhood and I also know David Miscavige’s past very well. Both are pretty small ((rather small than pretty)) and had/have violent periods.

Read these LULS! Mabe we have to redefine “clear” as in “make someone/something clear forcefully”.

Last year at study by Oxford University concluded that feeling smaller makes people feel paranoid, mistrustful and more likely to think that people are staring or talking about them.


psychology of fraudulent emails

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is ...

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is Spicy (Photo credit:

Have you ever thought about why scam emails are written in such a stupid way?
No, these scammers are not that stupid as you might think.
It seems to be obvious that it is not the niece of the King of Brunei asking for help.
And it most likely sounds silly to you why someone is actually writing to you to offer you especially millions of Dollars.
There is a much higher science behind this.
By doing so they filter out the right people who would never get sceptical at all.
The ones who answer are the chosen ones!

Now you guess why David Miscavige bluntly lies and tells stories about the blue sky.
In the novel “1984” (by George Orwell) history is being rewritten constantly. This book is a perfect manual for brainwashing: starvation, threats, deprivations and a little bit of help at the very end to produce programmed slaves that finally accept the government and ask for their own punishment.

Degraded being – Déjà vu?
Have you suppressed anything at this very moment?
Yes, Church of Scientology, here we go.

If David Mythcabbage would not lie, he soon would be dead! He would be surrounded by brainiacs. Only an audacious conman telling you the impossible at all times can keep a cult alive.

So what about bare faced Hubbard himself? I doubt he lied on purpose. It was his nature. He was – as maniacs are – most likely not always aware of his own actions. It seems to me he really believed in his religion at some point. In fact he came up with some smart and usable ideas by summarising or reviewing existing thoughts. His developed technology had an inner consistent logic (as long as you stay inside his dataset).
Hubbard was a mix of a highly able man, who could maintain and develop such a big cult without ever getting physically caught. On the other side he was the personified evil.