Does Travolta disagree with Scientology technology?

Travolta: “I haven’t experienced anything that the hearsay has (claimed), so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?” (Tampa Bay Times)

But Scientology is teaching:

The first little gate that has to be opened to embark upon study is the willingness to know. If that gate remains closed, then one is liable to get into such things as a total memorized, word-for-word system of education, which will not result in the gain of any knowledge. Such a system only produces graduates who can possibly parrot back facts, but without any real understanding or ability to do anything with what they have been taught. (Scientology homepage)

Communication is the solvent for all things. It dissolves all things. (Scientology homepage)

KRC: In order to handle any area of one’s life, it is necessary to know something about it, take some responsibility for it and control it to the degree necessary to achieve the desired result. (Scientology homepage)

ARC: The third corner of the triangle is communication, defined as the interchange of ideas or objects between two people. In human relationships this is more important than the other two corners of the triangle. (Scientology homepage)

Can Travolta simply ignore a black panther? (ex Scientologist about the Scientology Black Panther Mechanism)

Result (EP) of Grade 0 auditing in Scientology: “Communications release”, Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

And who doesn’t know the Scientology slogans, which are repeatedly mentioned by their celebrities:

“Come in and find out for yourself.”
“Think for yourself.”

Hahahahaha, really? So, you want us to do something that you don’t do yourself?

Travolta, I like you as a person. I like you as an actor. Nevertheless, I do understand the concept of “guilt by association”. This is what your religion calls “an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or commission…“. Apply it!
You could have also said: “Why should I care about Guantanamo Bay Camps. I haven’t experienced anything that the hearsay has (claimed), so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?

Oh, why should we listen to Scientology? I personally haven’t experienced anything that you have claimed, so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me?


There are so many blind Scientologists out there. They attack others for what they do themselves. They say that only people full of misdeeds (=overts) criticise others. Well, just as long as it is not them. Isn’t a demonstration criticism?
How many people did Scientology ruin? How many of them committed suicide? May I ask you: “What are your overts?”

The text in above picture says: “Psychiatry: Death instead of help.”Yes, Scientology. This is what you have done and keep on doing. WHAT DEPRESSED PERSON DID YOU HELP? You try to blame psychiatry for the latest flight crash. BUT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED SUCH PTS (=potential trouble source) CASE IN ANY ORG ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN POLICIES. You are fucking HYPOCRITES! Stop sending me your emails blaming psychiatry for all existing evil.


Scientology: How effective is the PTS/SP tech?


Many thanks to Alex Gibney and his documentary “Going Clear”. Since 30th March 2015 this blog is booming. The number of visits skyrocketed by the incredible factor of 20x the average. That is far beyond any expectation.

Let me ask you an interesting question today. The cult of Scientology sells the PTS/SP course. This is one of the most important courses for Scientologists. It teaches you how to spot suppressive people and shatter their suppression.

If this course really was effective, how come Scientologists could not spot any SP twenty years ago already? Looking at above picture, the number of SPs is not 2.5% (a famous estimation by L. Ron Hubbard), but rather 97.5%. Was that due to the missing Golden Age of Tech II? Interestingly, Hubbard said that SPs would make others leave. But I can tell you that the justification inside the cult is entirely different: You only leave because of your own bad deeds (=Scientologese: overts).

Let’s have a look at Mike Rinder – just to give you an example. From 1982 to 2007, Rinder served on the Board of Directors of CSI and also held the post of Executive Director of its Office of Special Affairs.

During that period he must have received hundreds of hours auditing and security checks. If the so-called “Tech” had worked, how could he possibly have been a plant of the psychs (=Scientologese: pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists or psychologists)?

Isn’t it amazing that SPs are using such a powerful technique capable of beating the one of Scientology? Are SPs more powerful than Scientologists? David Miscavige claimed to be able to spot SPs simply by looking at them. And his dog can smell suppression, really?

Well, let’s put all the nonsense aside. What counts is that Scientologists cannot spot SPs at all or the so-called SPs were no SPs in the first place. The cult of Scientology contradicts itself in this regard. What is it? A or B? You cannot claim both.

What the PTS/SP course really does is: it makes you terribly paranoid.

This was written in 2013. It is still valid.

Creepy Scientology

Dear US citizens,

These are your tax dollars used to defame people. You could be their next target.

The cult policies dictate: If you cannot fight the facts, discredit the source.
This is one of the most biased and distorted documentaries I have ever seen and
it will definitely shoot back at the Cult of Scientology.
I am glad that they are not smart enough to stop their behaviour. Thanks for destroying yourself.WATCH HBO documentary on 29 March 2015 – 8pm!


My offer: GBP 10,000 to GBP 100,000


“Show me a mother f@c$§g Clear” said Jason Beghe. And I can tell you from my experience: I have not seen any!

But I am willing to make a compromise. Here is my offer. I pay GBP 10,000 to any Scientologist, who has completed the L-Rundowns or SuperPower-Rundowns and can prove the so-called End Phenomena (EP). The money would be paid in cash and straight into your hands including a free leather suitcase.

I expect you to be fully exterior with full perceptions. Well, “full” is a bit harsh, because Hubbard said that there would be no absoluta. That was one of the smartest moves ever. It always makes Hubbard right when discussing EPs. He claimed there would be 57 perceptics (=perceptions). I only expect visio (=vision) – just 1/57th – what a deal! I give you a location and you can remote-view the details.
Hubbard claimed that he was able to remote-read books when he was young, but lost this ability somehow when he got older. Captain Bill Robertson even claimed that Scientologists used to communicate via thoughts (=telepathy) with others and gave lessons on how to learn remote-viewing. And OTs are talking to body thetans, whose abilities are below those of peanuts. Additionally some auditing sessions are supposed to be audited while being exterior. So I am not asking for a lot.

I did mock the L-Rundowns here .

But in case you can prove your abilities, I am going to shut this blog down, disconnect from all SPs, make my children join Scientology, join Scientology myself and dedicate my life to disseminate all your teachings without ever asking any question again.
Furthermore, I can easily increase the sum to GBP 100,000 in case you can prove all 57 perceptics.

A list of perceptions can be found here.

It is up to you. This is easy money.

Evidence: Scientology says: Nicole Kidman is a High Crime

Nicole Kidman’s father Antony was a clinical psychologist – so what?
You don’t know the history of Psychiatry, I do. Who said that? Oh, wasn’t that Tom Cruise. The puzzle slowly makes sense. David Miscavige, the insane leader of the Scientology cult, was strictly against Tom’s marriage. It contradicted the cult policies. He had to get rid of Nicole. David Miscavige used Marty Rathbun and others to indoctrinate Tom to make it happen.

Merriam-Webster defines HIGH CRIME

1:  a crime of an infamous nature contrary to public morality but not technically constituting a felony; specifically :  an offense which the U.S. Senate deems to constitute adequate grounds for removal of the president, vice-president, or any civil officer as a person unfit to hold public office and deserving of impeachment
2:  a crime of a serious or aggravated nature

And now compare this with the following cult policy:


And it is not just about psychs. See, who is also on the list:

This third category would include people who are members or ex-members, or in families of members or ex-members of media, police spy organizations and government spy organizations such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), or any other federal agency in any country. It definitely includes anyone who has ever gone to or threatened to go to the press or who has tried to sue Scientology.

I had to read this list roughly 5 times to really grasp what the guy was saying. This is pretty much everybody who is not a Scientologist, not just 2.5% percent. HBO is clear. IRS is clear. But this one: “DEPARTMENT OF JuSTICE”? WTF!
Do you get what Hubbard was saying?

And what is a spy organization? Isn’t OSA (office of special affairs, aka the new Gardians Office) a spy organization?

Feel free to sue me for putting this document online. I’d love to have the Streisand effect.

And on a side note:
Dear cult,
If you do not accept insane people, then you cannot claim to have cured any of them.
You also cannot attack psychs (“Not a single cure”) for not being successful, because they accept people that you deny.
And the funny part of this is that you are not successful despite that fact.

Is Attorney Bert Deixler Risking the Church of Scientology’s Tax Exemption?

Very important!
Who is in the USA and in contact with the IRS?

The Scientology Money Project

The Church of Scientology is fighting for its life in the Garcia v. Flag et. al. lawsuit. Garcia is alleging commercial fraud on the part of the Church of Scientology. If Garcia wins, the floodgates to other lawsuits against the Church of Scientology for commercial fraud are flung wide open. The instances of Scientology and its front groups lying in order to raise money are legion, e.g. Narconon has more than 27 lawsuits against it for allegations related to lying to families of drug addicts about the type and efficacy of treatment services offered by Narconon.

Former Scientology “second in command” Mark “Marty” Rathbun has been called as a key witness by Garcia. Scientology attorney Bert Deixler deposed Rathbun. Tony Ortega posted more video of the deposition at his blog today. We post Tony’s YT video below.

In this video, Scientology attorney Deixler attempts to use a letter Rathbun…

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Happy new year 70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion

Loo1 Loo2


70 trillion something. What a nice number. I took it from here:
I can’t be bothered looking up any reference myself (even though this link seems to be a hoax). These lectures by L. Ron Hubbard are pure fiction. Reading them is a waste of time, even if I wanted to use anything against the cult. It is not worth it anymore.

2015 is going to be an exciting year. David Miscavige might disappear or commit suicide if we are lucky. Even if it does not happen, time is definitely running against him.

So, what is up? I’d say London is infested with SPs.
Have a look at above flyer. Plenty of these are hanging in public toilets. Train stations and trains, it definitely doesn’t look good for the cult.

Beat the cult with their own words. The big point is that this is not unlawful. Citations are pretty safe. And CCTV does not help at all. There are so many people using these toilets, it could be anyone.

Succinct, right?