Who is the culprit? Only David Miscavige?


I have started preparing a web page table to give an overview of opinions. The bias on each page is tremendous. The internet is like a jungle. How can people survive the cognitive dissonance – especially people, who are still committed to LRH, his technology or both? Some pages are very impartial. The authors try to take balanced views. The majority doesn’t, which is quite sad.
I myself try to be unbiased, but I am constantly struggling with overwhelming facts. How can I establish a positive view about a teacher, who taught life, but could not handle his own at all? How can I take such person serious?

Anyway, I wanted to bring up another topic today. My question is: “Who is the culprit?”

No person can gain power unless others give power. If nobody listens to a leader, then there is no leader. Can we blame all on leaders then? Sometimes there are a few people who build up large control systems. Control is something imaginary. If all would disagree in one shot, then entire systems would disappear right away. It would be like rewriting history.
At the beginning there is a criminal group (not just a single person) that knows how to represent the zeitgeist. When you represent someone’s thoughts, people will follow you no matter what other things you are saying. People love to hear that they are treated unfairly and that you have the solution. Bang!

To join such criminal group you have not informed yourself honestly at the very beginning. This is when you join, much earlier than anybody expected, right? You expected something later on the time track? You are still trying to excuse your deeds inside the cult, but that one at the very beginning is left out. There are good justifications for joining like: “I was trying to improve myself” or “I was lied at when I joined”.

An IT teacher at school once told me that all decisions in life were made upon the least harmful/uncomfortable expectations. I do not entirely agree, but there is some truth behind this. We choose the convenient way quite often without looking at long-term consequences. Imagination replaces observation. In fact it is missing experience. Hubbard said there would be “misunderstandings” at the beginning of out ethics. Yes, this guy was smart. He gave such a broad definition that would always work. Personally I think “missing experience” or “wrong calculations due to false/omitted information” are more precise – admittedly this is still quite a broad definition.

Inside the cult of Scientology people become guilty at very specific points. It is when they had doubts and chose to give up personal integrity for short-term convenience. People basically sell their souls. Who wants a future full of propaganda, black-hearted people, spies as friends and ethics reports?
When you chose to give up your personal integrity, you added another brick for an orwellian 1984.

And when you then decide to support injustice (eg. disconnecting from knowingly good people). Do you really believe in going up a bridge with such integrity? Do you believe you can become a saint by committing overts? Even Hubbard did say this was impossible.

So you knew that something was wrong, but you stopped yourself doing something about it. You were not willing to look what stops/suppresses you standing tall? It is not necessarily what the person does, in this case it is what the person chooses not to do.

And after a few thousand people we have established a totalitarian system where everybody has to fear everybody. Who is your friend, who is your foe, can I trust my brother? Hitler, Stalin, Lenin…. WE CREATED THE MONSTER David Miscavige. We gave him our support.

We are responsible and it now is our job to remove David Miscavige and correct a mistake. The higher your post was, the more you should feel responsible.

Interestingly this is what is happening right now. Many do! History did correct itself and is still doing so. Human nature is good. Despite all the PTS/SP shit, psychs, wars, evil and terrorism – isn’t it beautiful to know that our hearts make things go right in the long run? Our nature is indestructible. This is something we never actively relied upon. Nevertheless, it was constantly working in the background. History was like in most movies: Many happy endings. But some action needs to be taken for that.

Are you willing to take responsibility?


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