Contact requests


This is just a quick note. Some people asked me to contact them. I would love to do so, but this is simply too dangerous for me. You can tell me about public events anywhere in England and I might show up. But please do not expect any answers to your requests or messages unless they can be answered on my blog in public.

Modern war is being fought the guerilla style. Groups can be spotted. People can be spotted. But many unrelated people cannot be spotted altogether. The internet is our connection. I think it is not smart to be visible and run around naked with a white elephant, so that any cult fair gamer can aim at you. Being under the radar has huge advantages.

Together we will get David Miscavige for his crimes against human rights. It is just a matter of time. Time is on our side! He has too many enemies and will be removed from inside the cult or by a court order. This psychopath doesn’t need to know any of us. He has to suspect everyone and anyone. All in all we are like Agent Smiths of the Matrix … with a little difference here. We are not after the ones, who try to break free. We are after the ones, who enslave and bankrupt others, destroy families and think of themselves as heroes while acting at the brink of legality.

If you need help, then your first contact should be:


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