Scientology cult has problems at work


I have many ideas what to report on my next posts. There is enough material to write posts on a daily basis. Unfortunately time is an issue. I am seeing similar issues on other blogs. Anyway, so far I managed to publish one post a week and I will keep on doing this until the cult is defeated, not necessarily destroyed.

I have mentioned it quite often so far. I am not trying to fight against Scientology as a religion. I am fighting against evil. This only includes certain policies, people and behaviour. CCHR fights against abuse of psychiatrists, I fight against abuse in general, which includes abuse inside the cult of Scientology. And if CCHR was honest then it would also fight against abuse inside their own organisation. Somehow they don’t.

The cult tries to sell you books and courses about “The Problems of Work”. And funnily it also sells you books about “The Dynamics of Money”. They sell you quite a lot where they fail themselves. And why? Because they cannot confront real results in an unbiased way. Either the tech does not work, it is not applied or both. Fact is that David Napoleon Miscavige is terribly in trouble right now. He has definitely not solved his problems of work. And members cannot solve their money issues as well. Would studying “The Problems of Work” help? Very unlikely! The avalanche is running at full steam. Nothing can stop it anymore.

Check out the value of the books. You get them for a dollar or less on Amazon (no metaphor or joke!). The books are cheaper than toilet paper. But if you buy the same books in the cult it will cost you a fortune. After that you obviously have to continue with the money course. You may think it can help you, unfortunately it will just empty your pockets further.
Still you haven’t realised that you joined the cult of Scientology to solve your personal issues. But now you have a new “Game”, which is called “Save the world”. You can hardly take care for yourself. Obviously saving the world solves your minor issues …… in the  l o n g   r u n.

And the divorce, which is caused by your waste of family money, will definitely contribute to a better life. You tried hard to explain your husband you have to do the entire education over and over again. And it is such important that, when your husband comes home in the evenings, he has to prepare dinner and tidy up himself. The kids have spent all day in front of the TV. The course is holy! You are saving the world. Don’t worry about the divorce. Your problems of work at home are not important enough. They can’t hold a candle to the salvation of Teegeeack.
And your husband is an SP anyway. He blocks buying new books at 50$ when you can actually get them for 1$. He is so insane. He cannot see that 49$ are needed to protect Scientology in court.

I used to ask: “Don’t you get your money refunded when you win a court case?”

The cult is in serious trouble. False oath is next on the agenda. Surely, Miscavige and his minions will keep on lying. But how long can someone do this? The media is suppressive! They make false oath public. No idea how to avoid the media? Come on, just don’t lie and the media will not chase you.

Btw. former ED Int. Bill Franks blew the whistle some years ago. For the ones who have not seen the YouTube video yet, simply follow the link.


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