Heavy Rain over Saint Hill

Heavy Rain over Saint Hill

New Year’s Eve Party 2013/2014

I have read many OT success stories in the last 10 years. They ranged from postulated pizza to spotting criminals.
One woman had claimed to have calmed down a furious Thetan, who was responsible for a tornado. She prevented a big disaster. And a former friend of mine had claimed that the war in Sarajevo had ended, because all OTs had agreed to postulate peace.
Not only that these are utter misconceptions of “operating” Thetans, these events were rather pure coincidences.
L. Ron Hubbard called advanced spiritual beings “operating” Thetans and not “postulating” Thetans. “Operating” has to do with doingness in the physical universe.

Anyway, no OT managed to stop the heavy rain on the New Year’s Eve Party. It seemed that there were no OT powers. I haven’t seen fireworks this time. Is this a budget problem? I would not mind. I have always been against blowing up money. It did not fit into the concept of “We must clear the world quickly and we need every penny of yours”. But this is another story. Maybe I was there at the wrong time. Maybe I just missed it. I will find out in the next days.

Happy New Year!


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