Scientology 2014 – when to forgive?


Today is the last day of 2013.
I am personally ending the second worst year of my life. This was the low! Three items of my clean up list are solved. So my life is improving already. There is some light on the horizon.

I have learned a lot about grace of charity and forgiveness during that time. It is the fundament of inner peace. But it needs to be applied properly. Overall you can use it generously, on the other hand it is not difficult to realise that you cannot forgive anyone, who is not willing to take responsibility. Some people do have the potential to understand their actions, some don’t.

We must consider the rights of previous/further victims. And this makes forgiveness without taking responsibility of the culprit quite difficult to assess.  Some abuse forgiveness, point their fingers into your direction and their response is no change. In that case forgiveness has to be withdrawn.

Can you forgive someone, who keeps on behaving bad? Generally law is considering such situations. The first offence is dealt with softly, the second one is dealt with much harder, and if the person still keeps on going then there is no mercy at all. This more or less answers the question. Who can you forgive? You can forgive the person, who is willing to take responsibility.

Forgiveness should be granted to all, who are willing to take responsibility. This includes change of behaviour and making amends.
What does that mean in respect of Scientology?

  • Forgive the ones who are speaking out and construct a better world now.
  • Sue the ones who are knowingly and deliberately destroying careers and families.
  • Expose David Miscavige’s destruction, seize all his personal possessions and return it to suffering ex-members.
    His minions like eg. John Allender and Kendrick Moxon should face the same fate.
  • Do not destroy Scientology itself, for some it is a religion. But make sure they understand that the religion had a second chance already (ref: Operation Snow White).  Any further transgressions should result in immediate liquidation of the religion.
  • Forget L. Ron Hubbard. He is dead and won’t come back! Take him out of the equations of Scientology, rewrite the material and get rid of his stigma. It is wrong to believe that nobody could follow-up on Hubbard’s work. There are more David Mayos out there.

I am concerned about fanatics inside Scientology and also the ones outside, who are against Scientology. Both do not create a better world. They constantly try to force their thoughts upon others. As soon as the cult will fall – I give it 4 years and hope to maybe see 1.5 years – fanatics will try taking the lead. They will try to entirely destroy Scientology.

I am not a friend of Scientology, but I think that people have the right to believe in whatever they like as long as they do not deny the human rights of others. And I would like to see all above materialising further in 2014.


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