IAS success report


We come in peace………(((as long as you give us your $$$)))

The IAS is 75% of your bridge. And we see big growth there.
It definitely has gotten more important than auditing.
Just for the LULZ, how would the success report of a new
GAT II  IAS retrained reg look like?

This is it!

“Wow, wow, wow!” This is unprecedented straight up vertical expansion. Since GAT II Scientologists have donated more than ever. As Auditors are not auditing anymore, we are sending them out in droves to the field and raise funds for the IAS. They take the new MK Ultra VIII E-meters with them.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra)
And when the doors open, they quickly and overwhelmingly hold the cans into the house entrance area asking for thorough sec checkings.
This new technique is “bombastic”. It surpasses all strategies of the last 50 years. The income of the previous 5 days alone has been higher than in the past five years altogether.
Many thanks to COB for this splendid idea. He is going to make it. We are very close to “clearing the planet”. COB knows exactly what to do. He is always so much spot on.
I have no words for him, my adoration is straight up vertical and I was wondering how this genius manages to always be spot on.
Oh my god, first Super Power, then GAT II, then cause resurgence rundown… he is godlike!
“Boom, boom, boom!”, we are the authorities!
Psychiatry will vanish, because they don’t have a single cure … BUT WE DO!

All the best wishes for Xmas and a happy new year to you, my honoured COB.
And of cause some 2.5% of these wishes go to Shelly, even though I haven’t seen her for quite a while now.

A loyal IAS representative at Saint Kill, East Grinstead
Mr. B. Nose


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