Scientology: November 2013, AOSH “The Auditor” issue No. 383


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It is November 2013! The Golden Age of Tech II and Superpower were released last weekend. The release included a new E-Meter.
Let’s have a look at the price list! They were still trying to sell the old E-Meter (Mark Super VII Quantum) until the very last day.

This reminds me of a sad story, where two staff had left the cult. They were protesting against being misled. Compassionately they were told to sell old books a few days before new ones came out. As you know, Scientologists push very hard when they want to achieve something. They got the books sold – the whole inventory.  But a few days later the two attended the “Basics” event. They felt so bad about having sold the old books, there was nothing to stop them from leaving immediately and for good. What was the benefit for the local Org? They probably made five thousand bugs, but lost two staff members. What an insane calculation!

The Org could have replaced the old books with the new ones easily. But guess what! It did not happen. Poor guys, who bought them. Poor guys, who sold them. Isn’t it remarkable how short-sighted the Executive Director of the Org was? He/she (person known, but I want to stay incognito) knew about the new books. Therefore the old books had to be sold quickly. And rather than admitting a wrong action the Org prefered to give up some members.
Can you see the “Clearsound Listening System” on the price list? Just because Ron thought he had an advanced technology in 1980, the members still have to use it in 2013. Same with the Mimeograph. Sometimes people just don’t think. It is not much different from not eating pork or not allowing blood transfusions. Times are changing, some people don’t get it.

Regarding the Technical Volumes I am not sure if they need to be reprinted. Some BTBs might be missing.

1 GBP = 1.19 EUR
1 GBP = 1.61 USD
1 GBP = 161.35 JPY

Good luck, leave the cult and stay rich!


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