Scientology: Hubbard and Symbols

The Great Beast: the life and magick of Aleist...

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In mathematics symbols represent numbers, vectors or something unknown. They are placeholders. And in everyday life they are used to summarise complex thoughts.
For instance the heart stands for love, the yin-yang for contrary forces and a yellow M can stand for McDonalds. Following the idea further down the line we could say that even money is a symbol. Also cars are symbols. Where the universe is just a thought everything becomes a symbol.

Well, seeing all as symbols would make sense, if we were gods and life was not serious – just a game. Let’s come down to the right level, where we believe to be in bodies and that life is serious. Symbols are symbols, whereas objects are not symbols. A symbol would eg. be wine representing the blood of Jesus, whereas a pen simply is an object.
As long as you are aware of the fact that you are dealing with symbols, they do not have any big effect on you. But what if you are not aware?
Let’s say you wear a talisman to protect you. You think the talisman has some magical power, because it stands for something spiritual. And when you get involved in an accident, your explanation is that you should have had two of these, right?
Hence an object has magic powers, but a being does not have such powers? That results in “objects are more spiritual than beings”?
Very confusing! An object is aware of its existence and can do telekinesis?

Hubbard placed symbols [know to mystery scale]  on the tone scale at -4 [needing bodies]. Nearby on the tone scale are “owning bodies” (-3) and “hiding” (-8).

We know Hubbard’s biography. He used a lot of symbols. He was practicing black magic. Nearly all in black magic has to do with symbols. Hubbard bought Saint Hill. Was it important to him to own a “saint” hill? Or was it important to be near Crawley. This town, which is the closest larger town near East Grinstead, sounds very much like “Crowley”. Hubbard was such a big fan of Aleister Crowley. Doesn’t it make sense he tried to use his symbolic name to gain his powers?
And the higher levels are called OT levels. Is there a link to the religious order O.T.O. that Aleister Crowley was the best known member of? The first OT level is very close to Crowley’s first level.
Hubbard even took the cross from his tarot cards for his church. Was he trying to tell the prosperity that he fooled everyone? It would make sense. Hubbard wanted to be known as the worst man ever, far more evil than his master Aleister Crowley, who called himself the most evil man alias “The Beast”. His first son Nibs disclosed this story.
And Thetan sounds very close to Satan. What is an OT then? Someone who is evil? I am sure there are a lot of people supporting such idea 😉
At least I can say that theta is the eighth alphabetic character in the Greek alphabet. Coincidently we have 8 dynamics and 8 OT levels.
Hubbard had more dynamics and more OT levels. But they are not used widely. Basically it is just 8 dynamics and 8 available OT levels.

A further symbolic name could be found in the city name “Clearwater”. Hubbard called the desirable state in Dianetics “clear”.  Does water stand for “baptismal water”? At least I cannot see any link to Crowley here; and Hubbard never mentioned anything to support that idea. I personally believe he left hints to tell everyone how powerful he was. Was he showing off with his superiority? Yes, but only non-cult-members could see it. He covertly made fun of his cult members. At the beginning he just let the poor guinea pigs throw their glasses into a bowl, later on he had young CMOs in bikinis and idiots running behind him holding ashtrays.

The more I think about Hubbard the less I understand the people who were around him.,+West+Sussex&hl=en&sll=51.030599,0.243073&sspn=0.352378,0.787582&geocode=FaYpDAMdfMf__yl_lxZHQ1jfRzFPql6lZhXAuw%3BFRTdCwMdpCT9_yk1_xMPk-11SDHbSjZSnpP5Eg&gl=uk&mra=ls&t=m&z=13


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