12 years after: “WAKE-UP CALL” review … Scientology


The “Captain” will break your neck soon Mr. Slappy Miscavige!
Judge Dib Waldrip is close on your heels!

download: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Scientology_cult_leader_David_Miscavige_Wake_Up_Call_-_Sep_11_exploitation_%282001%29

11 September 2001
The Urgency of Planetary Clearing

You were asked to pay more and faster. You knew nothing had changed; just that someone – called CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD from RTC – was selling you CHAOS. This did not only contradict the PTS/SP-doctrine, but also made me wake up further. Let’s highlight some wordings:

It is time to get busy. Very busy. Every Scientologist. Everywhere.

It has been busy all the time. So what was the change?

The terrorist attacks of this day demonstrate the destruction a small minority of suppressive persons can wreak.

Ron said that the Church would not be affected by outside attacks a lot. The danger came from inside. And somehow Ron’s organisations grew constantly despite SP attacks.

Bluntly, we are the only people of Earth who can reverse the decline, and we do not have an endless amount of time to pull it off. Every sector of Scientology activity plays a vital role that must be fulfilled.

Message: “Dear Mr. President of the USA, you are useless! … and so are all others”

‘World War II and its mission of genocide was spurred on by a psychiatric myth of racial superiority.

OMG, you pulled this one again. All Psychs? I see a myth of religious superiority. It really sounds like “1984” from George Orwell: You need war to keep your people together. Do you have any new “Conspiracy Theory” for us, please!

And if there is any doubt, consider the fact that the primary suspect – Osama bin Laden – has a psychiatrist as his right hand man.

You IDIOT! At that time it was not clear if the news said the truth. In fact it is still not clear. And you spread this information amongst the people in near real-time, because it suits you.

And it’s not just the violence we have recently witnessed; it’s everything that violence potentially wreaks in terms of economic and social collapse.

Were you trying to mention your own violence Mr. Slappy Miscavige? No!

You were simply trying to spread entheta, weren’t you? For non COBs it means causing negative postulates amongst Scientologists, don’t you know that? This was CI against the President of the USA! (CI = Scientologese for “Counter Intention”)

At times. they are hidden by the social veneer of materialism – nifty cars, fancy houses and an economic ”boom” that only existed on paper with the latest dot.com worth billions one day and not one cent the next. Look even deeper and you find mankind’s “humanitarian” objectives heading in the direction of MEST and “artificial intelligence,” all towards denial of the spirit. Instead of man, computers are the supposed salvation, evidenced by what comprises the world’s largest industry, generating billions for its owners.

This is a 100% description of Slappy Miscavige – his social veneer of materialism, his stats that only exist on paper, artificial intelligence. And computers are useless? Maybe for the Amish …. and now also for Scientologists.
Actually I do not know any religion that says computers are the salvation. And if there is any religion like that, why don’t you simply prove your OT abilities? This would make it much easier for the Wogs to believe you. “Set a good example” says the “Way to Happiness” booklet. But you are not a good example – no OT!

Computers, heralded as “amazing,” but only capable of popping up an address book, phone number, mail order catalog, or the newest pornographic site to restimulate and fixate the attention of users.

No wonder nobody is allowed to use the internet in the cult:

HCOB 11 April 1982 SEC CHECKING IMPLANTS LRH (or should I say HCOB?)
An implant is an enforced command or series of commands installed in the reactive mind below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or behave in a prearranged way without his “knowing it.”
IMPOSED SILENCE.  “The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form—is the command to withhold.  Implants could be said to be “methods of preventing knowledge or communication: and this can extend to the point of the person himself denying himself the data. The commonest “imposed silence” is probably the threatened child – an “if you tell, you will be punished.”  Or simply ordering him not to tell.  This tends to occlude his own memory and can be classified as an implant.”

Mr. Slappy Miscavige, I know a lot of ways to use computers in other ways. There are gorgeous breakthroughs in medicine, logistics or scientific calculations. I understand that you don’t like people knowing that the Earth is not flat. It is your narrow mind and stupidity to tell others “but only capable of popping up an address book, phone number ……”

With computers the world has improved! It brings people together; communication went up to unprecedented levels. Now people cannot be fooled easily by cults or governments. Such has become very diffiCULT.

China swims in blood for the need of it.

When I asked why the PDCs were altered I was told that all “political” wordings had to be taken out. That did not make sense as there were still many political passages left. For me it looks like arbitrary. Mr. Slappy Miscavige, according to your own instructions you should not say such! This is really bad PR!

But never forget, the only permanent solution lies with moving every being up The Bridge. Only the Clear and OT will survive.

Selling CHAOS again … and then selling the solution? Hubbard used this technique as well. In fact these days we know that this is an important part of brain washing.

And did you really try to move anybody up The Bridge? To me it seems you were selling buildings and extra long courses in the last 12 years. DM, you are a f…..g hypocrite!

Indeed, our Orgs have been flooded with calls asking, “What should we do?”

Jeez, WHAT A LIE! This is order of magnitude!

The answer is twofold:

1) Get up The Bridge.

Did you do this in the last 12 years? The stats clearly say: “NO”

Right now you are the lucky ones. You know the road out.

Yes, some have really left the cult.

Your future as a being is at stake.

In fact it wasn’t. You made the future dangerous. Without you there was no danger Mr. Slappy Miscavige.

2) Help in the crusade so we do pull off a big win.

Translation: You pay! You suffer! Your eternity and your family is mine!

And the way to achieve that is to INCREASE OUR SIZE.

Your height still is 1.65m …. LOL

The Cult of Scientology did not grow in the last 12 years. What have you done Slappy?

Your position on the tonescale was NOT higher than 0.03 (=Useless). Now you made it down to -35 (self-absorbed, can’t hide, total failure).

Scientologists are the best people on Earth.

Narcissism, eh? Please tell this on TV! The many Scientologists I know did never pay back their debts (except one). They still owe me more than 100,000$.

My wife left me because of the “Disconnection” policy. She intentionally lied to the Police, complotted with a convicted criminal and escaped with a lot of money. All that happened under the guidance of “Ethics Officers” of your cult!

“For God’s sake, get busy and build a better bridge!” We can do it. We will do it.

WHAT THE F..CK! This was mentioned in 1950 (book: Dianetics) when there was no established Bridge! Hubbard obviously built a Bridge until 1986 according to your words, Slappy. But you take it to “ALTER” and “SQUIRREL” everything. You are out of context Mr. Idiot!


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