“Bare-Faced Messiah”: Miller’s view on the present court cases

Mary Sue Hubbard

Mary Sue Hubbard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it sounds ridiculous, but Russell Miller has done such a good job that his book has become some kind of Bible for me. You can find answers to what is going on at any time.

Admittedly I observed many religious people studying their scriptures and I believe it is quite obvious that you can find anything in any book and make an artificially inflated story out of it.
Nevertheless in this case it hopefully does make sense though.

I coincidently came across the following passage:

Hubbard knew little of what was happening to Mary Sue during this period because the messengers censored her letters in order to avoid upsetting the Commodore. If Mary Sue sent bad news, the messengers cut out the offending passages with a razor blade, believing it to be their duty to keep such problems ‘off his lines’. But they naturally read all Mary Sue’s communications themselves and were certainly not above gossip. On one occasion she wrote to ask, plaintively, why Ron spent so much time with ‘his people’ and so little time with her. ‘I understand you’re trying to save the world,’ she wrote, ‘but I need some time, too.’ The contents of that letter were soon common knowledge all round Olive Tree Ranch.

In truth, Mary Sue had much to complain about, because she had no doubt that she was going to have to take the rap for Operation Snow White. ‘Hubbard abandoned her’, said Ken Urquhart, ‘and made it quite clear within the org that he had abandoned her. It’s the one thing I find hard to forgive – that he was prepared to allow his wife to go to jail for crimes he was equally guilty of. After the FBI raid I was put to work making up reports to show that he did not know what was going on. In other words, I was to cover his ass. He was privy to almost all of it and was as guilty as Mary Sue.

Let me highlight the following:

  • The cult of Scientology is still filtering bad news.
    Further reading eg. here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_File
  • Narconon Georgia was “abandoned”, so was Shelly Miscavige. (Same with Orgs and other people.)
  • David Napoleon Miscavige “was equally guilty of” the Squirrel Busters.
    And what follows is “making up reports to show that he did not know what was going on … to cover his ass”.
  • And Tommy Davis was “making false declarations before a grand jury”. He will be sacrificed/abandoned for Napoleon.
  • And a little look into our crystal ball: “She faced a maximum penalty, …. and pleaded not guilty.” David this concerns you.

As a little bonus some pricing info:

SCN0001 SCN0002 SCN0004 SCN0003

The Saint Hil Booster is funny, isn’t it?
First you pull it in, then you try to solve it:


and then



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