Church of Scientology to rename their webpages soon

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The Golden Age of Tech Phase II will bring the longed for expansion. Demand in Orgs will be so huge that only ideal Orgs, Clears and OT IIIs will be able to survive the boom.
All Organisations that can cope with the unprecedented greed to get serviced will therefore be marked. The suffixes will change on the grand GAT II kick off

from    .org      to    .idealorg ©

Also the main Scientology homepage will be renamed

from to http://www.Scientology.idealorg

The idea came from mastermind David Napoleon Miscavige. He is a genius! Only he can have such ideal thoughts!
Tom Cruise has already commented the achievement: “I am a bit displeased, nobody has put me on the Superpower donation list. Anyway, I will ask Master David if I may rename my webpage as well. I have to get rid of the obvious typo:

It needs to be http://www.TomCruise.con instead of


One thought on “Church of Scientology to rename their webpages soon

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