How to click the cult of Scientology to death? Operation “iClick” could …


iClick is a virus that does not exist yet.
iClick is a league of people who do exist.
iClick is a protest movement.
What? You haven’t heard of it?
Damn, me neither!

Whenever you click on a paid Google advertisement of the cult, Google is charging the cult a tiny amount in the dollar region. Imagine what the costs would be if 100,000 people clicked on cult ads on eg. the 1st of January 2014. And these people could also hide their IP addresses by eg. using web proxy services like and pump up their clicks. This could then easily cost the cult 1,000,000 USD. Not too efficient and not likely at all :(.

But a virus could do the trick and boost the figures up to and above 10 mio. USD per day. I do not know the Google small print that limits payments, but you probably do. Unfortunately this would be a criminal action and I am only bringing up the idea to blog a bit and have some fun. I do not want anyone to actually do it.

I guess the cult would not mind paying that much anyway. At least not on the first day (LOL). David Miscavige would take the figures and present them to his minions as THE unprecedented vertical expansion success statistics; obviously proving what genius he is.

Well, well. I am just dreaming 😦
You may also dream πŸ™‚
At least I click on several cult advertisements 10x each day. It only takes me a few seconds.
This way iCharge the cult more than 3,600 USD a year …. yay
It makes me happy, and it makes Dwarf Miscavige’s statistics happy.
Therefore my daily iClick actions are “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

Every little helps πŸ˜‰


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