How Scientologist are confronting Scientology


It is what Scientologists are striving for.
It is what Scientologist are here for.
It is what Scientologists pay for.
It is what Scientology is.

They want to increase their abilities to confront, observe and decide. Even the ARC triangle teaches to communicate. And whatever you study it is about communication. Following the ARC you get U (Understanding). And this pushes you up on the tonescale.

That is the theory. But how does that look like in practice? I had a quick chat with my ex-wife today. She could not avoid it as something had to be discussed. To me it seems there is no better way to describe a typical Scientologist than what has actually taken place today. I am not sure though if it is fear or the manifestation of a full-blown brainwash.

ex: “These are all lies.”
me: “What are all lies?”
ex: “That what you try to tell me.”
me: “How do you know that these are all lies?”
ex: “Because I know.”
me: “Let’s have a look at it together.”
ex: “No!”
me: “Why not? Is anything wrong with this?”
ex: “I won’t read these enemy lines.”
me: “But can you know that if you don’t read it?”
ex: “You are evil!”
me: “Are you allowed to have a look at a web page from the church?”
ex: “Go away!”

No further comment, just a question: Is this the general ability to confront after paying 100,000$ for courses and auditing?


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