Healer Hubbard vs. Healer Burzynski

English: Burzynski Institute Logo

This is my final test!
Would I fall for another type of Scientology when being offered a solution to improve or save my life?
I found material about curing cancer on the internet. There were many solutions ranging from vitamin C to B17 or alternative voodoo style to urine treatment.

Have a look at the following YouTube link, it is highly tempting:
Is anything in that report true or is it pure Karin Pouw style?

I am a bit of a revolutionist, so I have a weakness for these Burzynski guys by default it seems. It took me many hours of study and I was really tempted to spread my gorgeous/new discoveries. Nevertheless, bearing the cult of Scientology in mind I kept on being cautious. Being a Kool-Aid drinker is easy, allthough I am not a professional Kool-Aid drinker at all.

Burzynski claims that he can heal cancer. His witnesses are very convincing. After watching above YouTube report, I was well biased. At that point, if I had not looked at the other side as well, I would most likely freely promote (and support) Burzynski’s technique without dispute. I guess it is quite human to easily believe stories that are conclusive. I should add here that most one-sided data is conclusive! You cannot see outpoints, because expertise is missing.

As mentioned I also had a look at the critics afterwards. My first impression was that they were highly uninformed. But they had some valid points. On top of that I personally had a feeling to hear Hubbard himself. There were Hubbard style justifications why the technology did not work all the time. Burzynski blamed it on previous chemotherapies. The problem here is that his clinic is only allowed (by law) to take failed cases as research guinea pigs … very fishy.
We can neglect above argument. But what I do not understand is why someone is asking for 200,000 USD for the treatment. Is Burzynski’s clinic a cult? I mean, if he is so convinced of his capability, if the demand is so high, if he wants to help rather than ask for money, if he wants to grow, if he wants to be better than the FDA, why do you have to pay so much in advance as if you were paying for cult auditing?

A few more hours later I was entirely confused. I guess that is the same phenomenon that happens to Scientologists that read critical web pages. So far I can understand the cult prohibiting entheta lines.

But what can I do to determine whether Burzynski can heal cancer or not? One solution could be to personally talk to at least 10 recent clients, what would also include the families of dead clients.
Ask a new OT VIII immediately after his completion. Surely the answer is positive. I remember a lot of people told me that auditing was worth 10 times the price. They were not from this world anymore. Can you imagine parents paying 200,000 USD for their daughter that dies anyway? Grief plus debts … what a combination!

So, do I have a conclusion?
The sad answer is: “not yet”. And this is probably the best answer I have right now. I am still open-minded.

Could I resist another cult temptation?
How would I react in case time was limited and I had to decide immediately?
Would I rather give my money to my children as there is no hope, or would I pay the money to that dubious doctor without having a clear idea and risk that Burzynski is a charlatan. At the moment I would probably pay the cult donation. I admit, this is a sad answer! If I were 10 years older I would decide differently and rather give the money to my children. But if it was one of my children having cancer, I would definitely pay the price, no matter how high it would be. Any hope is better than no hope. Reminds me of “Any auditing is better than no auditing.” Do you now understand the Scientology catch?

Scientology is not about cancer, some members are convinced that they are doomed if they don’t disconnect from their children or other family members. This is far more serious! The eternity is clearly more precious. There is something to understand about these people who decide against their own blood … just as long as you use their dataset/mindset.

But what if the technology does not work? Would it still be the same? No, such vector points into the opposite direction. And what pops up in my head now is Narconon as well.


2 thoughts on “Healer Hubbard vs. Healer Burzynski

  1. Perhaps, further investigating will lead you to john of god in Brazil. He claims to cure all kinds of cancers and such, without technology and modern medicine . He simply sticks forceps up your nose. But he has powerful help from the ‘entities’. Many believe he heals

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