… Where is Shelly? … Where is LRONMAN? …


This post is dedicated to Mike Rinder. He astonished me in a good way. See below where I copied his blog comment.
We know where that Shelly is, but where is L. Ron Hubbard?
Mike’s answer was/is a taboo inside the cult. Times have changed. So we finally get an honest answer on his blog. You have no clue how relieving that is after having been confronted with threats for a long time for asking the wrong questions.

It is absolutely correct to admit that L. Ron Hubbard was not perfect. An open dialogue is the only way to keep parts of Scientology alive. So Mike does – like Marty Rathbun – a great job.
We are not of the same opinion regarding Hubbard, but in general I think it is highly important to have different opinions in society. We all must be open-minded for new information. It is an important piece in the evolution of mankind. And I do not care what Hubbard said about open-minded people being PTS.

I want to thank Mike for this post and indirectly ask for more.

My personal opinion was written down here:

Mike’s view can be found here:

I want to put emphasis on his comment about LRH’s death. Actually this is not new information. What makes it so important this time, is that it was said by Mike,
who would have disgraced people in the past when he was Executive Director OSA (Office of Special Affairs, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Special_Affairs) for saying what he is saying now.

22nd August 2013, 16:34
Michael Rinder:
“FL _ I was never asked that question. I guess in some respects I believed that would be the case, though I never saw anything written by him that specifically stated that he would return in a different body, though there were certainly rumors about him having left instructions about how he could be identified. Perhaps they were true. Do I think he has the capability of returning? Not in those terms. I believe that one lives for more than one life with more than one body. But the fact is, after this long, he has not “returned” as “Ron in a new body.” And I place great credence in what Sarge said about the later years of his life. There are simply too many other facts that align to the notion that he was NOT in fact in good shape and certainly was not “causatively discarding his body to continue research that would be hindered by a body.” If this was the case, there would have been a LOT more detailed hat write ups and turnovers and farewell messages — even a film or video. A lot of things I took as “gospel” from the time I was young concerning the infallibility of LRH I no longer see that way. Including this idea that he could knowingly postulate a future body and identity and return with full recall of his last lifetime.”


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