Cult of Scientology Library Campaign, Headquarter Saint Hill, East Grinstead, all-time high?


If you want to study Scientology, you can do it for free. Just go the nearest library and borrow the books you like. Scientologists purchased innumerable sets of the same books just to place them in well hidden libraries across the world. I somehow cannot find them, no matter how hard I try.

Well, I had a chance to be in East Grinstead last week. I went to the town library just to see the book campaign in action. You would expect that East Grinstead is not just anywhere, East Grinstead is THE home of LRH, it is THE only true Saint Hill (even though it is not Saint Hill size since ages). Never ask why Saint Hill is not Saint Hill size after watching multiple through the roof expansion propaganda videos … Maxwell’s Silver Hammer comes down upon your head #:(

There were fewer books last year.  In the meantime all entheta books have disappeared, most likely by OSA scarecrow Phil Harbour. Also the “Scientology Handbook” is missing, which makes sense. Too many celebrities have disappeared, the Scientology Handbook has become a dangerous book to read, it is full of SP pictures. I liked the handbook, it was one of the books that could give you a quick and cheap overview of Scientology. There was no need to play cash cow for the secrets of any Golden Age blablabla.

I counted 14 books including the duplicate Dianetics book. Poor guy who donated 1,000$ for this as you can probably get all these books in a bundle these days for 100$ on eBay. By not donating the money this poor guy could have saved 900$ or provided books to 9 additional libraries. I guess this is not in the interest of Miscavige’s breakfast caviar and is considered highly unethical. How dare anybody 10x any previous statistics … very, very, very unethical!

In the Biography section I found my favourite book “Bare Faced Messiah”. It was the only critical book I could find. The Ron Series (6 books in the shelf,  full set would be 16 volumes), telling how godlike Hubbard was, were right next to my lovely Bare Faced Messiah. The Ron Series looked all new, never borrowed. However Bare Faced Messiah looked quite old and used … yay. Well, I have to admit that the physical book size of the Ron Series contributes to the dusty nonex situation. The large books simply do not fit into the shelf, so they were put in there horizontally. Very nice, that way nobody can see the titles of the books. LOL

Let me add something to the godlike status of Hubbard. Check this one out: “Music Maker: Composer & Performer”. My SP heart stops beating! Have you ever listened to his songs? OMG, how can anybody call this music? You must be an idiot to humbly refer to LRH as “musician”. My kids can write better lyrics … maybe simply because they are more godlike for me. 😉



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