North Korea and the Cult of Scientology announce merger


You could have guessed it weeks ago when Tom Cruise went to North Korea. He was secretly searching for a new cult leader. The PR is not bad enough for Dr. Miscavige. This guy was simply losing grip. The stats were up to danger condition for five consecutive weeks. Something had to be done about it.

Top selection obviously was Kim Jong Un. The synergies are tremendous. Both parties are nearly on the same level. This is not going to be a hostile takeover. This merger will be between two equal parties (and Tom Cruise).
Scientologists will quickly get used to the new face, which has some similarities with Dr. Miscavige’s visage, hasn’t it? Well, not yet, but soon after the surgery they will look similar. David’s visage is perfect. Not his height though.
Dr. Miscavige has announced the new expansion and creation of the new ideal country. This is going to be the first 100% standard tech micro managed country. A long time ago LRH wrote instructions in a newly found book called “Mein Kampf, mein Land”. The target is 10,000 OTs per square Km and 100s of hours fair gaming against SPs in South Korea. Kimi admires the fair game tech.

I have found a nice description of Kim Jong Un’s playground. Scroll down for a link to the land of honey. It is not 1984, it is not Truman, it is not the Soviet Union. This is the new homeland of the Democratic Republic North Scientologia. Miscavige is unfortunately going to resign tomorrow. He has to do higher research that can only be conducted without a body. Master Kimi will take over, his qualities are 3x higher than Dr. Miscavige’s. The is expansion is once again through the roof. (Yes, we have many roofs).
Tom Cruise was so happy last night. He jumped on a pillow red sofa right away and shouted for hours: “I love him, I love him”.


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