Cult of Scientology: The missing L-Rundown questions

Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter

Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The L-Rundowns are well known to exteriorise a being. There are 3 official lists: L10, L11, L12. The fourth one went missing, but has now been found underneath Hubbard’s pillow. L13 is not an unlucky number. It actually is the most lucky number on Earth. Hubbard was born on the 13th of March, wasn’t he?
L13 deals with PCs that have not fully achieved the promised End Phenomena (EP), a fully exterior person that can hardly get PTS to anything.
… a 30,000 megavolt being (I have to look up the proper number). Yeah, fully charged with anger after paying the highest auditing rates possible and not getting the entire EP.

L13 is brand new (you could say so 😉 ). It is the missing piece addressing the glitch that some PCs were still PTS to some degree.

Word Clearing is highly important on this rundown! If you do not do Word Clearing you will most likely not get any results. Repeat all questions until the PC has a rock-slam needle reaction. Then refund the PC half of his money and let him sign a non-disclosure agreement.

EP: Finally/really/entirely/fully/amazingly exterior, able to spot SPs, not PTS anymore, a 1 billion megavolt Operating Satan.

  1. Where are you?
  2. Where is David Miscavige?
  3. Where are you?
  4. Where is Shelly Miscavige?
  5. Where are you?
  6. Where is Jenna Miscavige?
  7. Where are you?
  8. Where is Ronnie Miscavige?
  9. Where are you?
  10. Where is Ron Miscavige Sr.?
  11. Where are you?
  12. Where is Denise Miscavige?
  13. Where are you?
  14. Where is Florence Barnett?
  15. Where are you?
  16. Where is Jentzsch Heber?
  17. Where are you?
  18. Where is Leah Remini?
  19. Where are you?
  20. Where is Tommy Davis?
  21. Where are you?
  22. Where is Debbie Cook?
  23. Where are you?
  24. Where is LRH?
  25. Where are you?
  26. Where is Wendy Honnor?
  27. Where are you?
  28. Where is Int. Management?
  29. Where are you?
  30. Where is Arthur Hubbard?
  31. Where are you?
  32. Where is Roanne Leake?
  33. Where are you?
  34. Where is Suzette Hubbard?
  35. Where are you?
  36. Where is Kay Hubbard?
  37. Where are you?
  38. Where is Alexis Hubbard?
  39. Where are you?
  40. Where is Pat Broeker?
  41. Where are you?
  42. Have you understood all questions properly?

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