Horror scenario: what if Scientology wins?

English: Dead squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Tus...

English: Dead squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Tuscany, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Year 2030, our cheer leader David Miscavige made it! OH YES – HE DID! We are all paralysed, ehm … free.

It feels great. No one has been missed out. We are ALL FREE. 10,000 Million people are auditing on the OT levels. What a win! Thank you master and please may I now lick your arse?

How does our new world order look like?

  •  There is only one religion left. Guess which one 🙂
  • We build spaceships like mad to convince the entire universe of the gorgeous Golden Age of Tech III.
  • Dictator David Miscavige is the richest guy of the world – he really deserved it – whereas all others (=degraded beings) live in barracks or sleep in dormitories.
  • The united political system on Earth is a mix of communism and fascism (maybe similar to North Korea).
  • Innumerable objects, institutions or projects bear the abbreviation “LRH” or “DM”.
  • Most people are in the Sea Org to deliver the never ending alterations.
  • 50% of the publics do not work, they are all on course.
  • Children learn “The Basics” at school.
  • “Auditor” is a kind of valid University degree. In fact it supersedes all other titles.
  • Child labour is common practice. Children are just old Thetans in small bodies. Toys are only for “out ethics” suckers.
  • Human rights have been abolished, journalism and criticism disappeared as well.
  • CI is taught in primary school.
  • Teachers have been replaced by supervisors. They now make plenty of spot checks and security checks on a daily basis.
  • Pupils are not allowed to ask questions. They go to the word clearer and voluntarily request a security check or FPRD.
  • Will Smith’s school has been reopened and the stats are now 50x any previous period.
  • Narconon is everywhere, in each city, town or village. Well well, nobody is taking drugs anyway – besides OT Denise Miscavige.
  • Jails have been replaced by RPFs and RPF’s RPFs.
  • Psychology and Psychiatry are extinct.
  • 10 billion interrogations take place on a weekly basis.
    Do you still love cheer leader Miscavige?
  • Excommunication equals death, there is nothing you can do in case you fall out of favour. You cannot even go shopping anymore. The disconnection policy regulates everything!
  • Parents disconnect from their children easily. Such kids are just dirty SPs.
  • Pictures and statues of LRH are everywhere. You have to clap your hands several times a day. Callused skin? No? Go to ethics!
  • Each town hall has an LRH office. The reincarnation – according to the only TV channel – is imminent.
  • Super Power is still not open. 😉
  • History is being rewritten 24/7 (like in George Orwell’s 1984).
  • Study tech is being applied around the globe. No food or fun in academies.
  • People are exhausted. The statistics push is extreme. Excommunication is the alternative.
  • No spare time! Sand beaches and mountains are abandoned and signs tell how “out ethics” the use would be.
  • There are only two goals in your mind:
    a) Lick DMs arse
    b) Must clear the universe
  • Miscavige still discovers/recovers forgotten or lost materials from LRH.
  • There is be no practical use for the internet anymore. It is a waste of time.
  • Teegeeack still uses good old books, CDs and a few DVDs.
  • A new caste system has come into force. The Sea Org is the ethical upper class. Nevertheless most of them are degraded beings. DM is the supreme leader. The remaining people – the lower class – are PTS to Xenu.
  • The three most important achievements in life are (besides DM): Third dynamic, 3rd dynamic and 3D!
  • Children are annoying, a waste of time and sex is unethical. The population is shrinking fast.
  • New all time high of square meters: The cult now counts suicides and SP coffin square meters. Rocketing sky high stats!
  • You now listen to propaganda on a daily basis. The first dose comes with the radio during breakfast time. Do not waste time, listen properly! You must always have a dictionary on the breakfast table. And you must only eat dry porridge and drink water. Breakfast takes too long otherwise.
  • Time is important, do not waste it …. unless you build a new motorbike for Tom Cruise or organise his 5th wedding.
  • There is no private news agency. All is regulated by OSA.
  • And the legal system has been replaced by ethics departments.
  • “Agent Smiths” like in the Matrix run around 24/7, the mind police could be your mum or brother. Smith can assimilate any identity. Well, mum is not there most of the time anyway.
  • There are 4 basic sciences now: censored Biology, censored Physics, censored Chemistry and uncensored SCIENTOLOGY
  • Inventions like dolby surround have been replaced by the good old “Clearsound” system.
  • Hubbard has a cleaned up biography. This new biography is better than ever and his bio stats are straight up through the roof.
  • The CIA and FBI merged with OSA worldwide years ago.
  • Karin Pouw is sitting in “the hole” since years.
  • Teegeeack is infested with body thetans flying around in the lower atmosphere.
  • People are denied medical treatment and have to restudy the PTS/SP-course each time they are ill.
  • Chronically ill people are simply getting SP declared.
  • Miscavige announces at each New Year’s Eve that “HE” now found the final missing piece. The delivery of 100% standard tech can begin. It roughly adds up to 117% in 2030. Surely everybody knows that there are no absoluta.

FINALLY SANITY, hip hip hooray !!!

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I am sure I have left out a lot.


2 thoughts on “Horror scenario: what if Scientology wins?

  1. And….there will be no more events or call-ins required because everyone lives communally now….the propaganda plays 24/7

  2. addendum:
    In 2030 there are probably 10 billion people on Teegeeack. 30 billion of them are Scientologists. Yay! And once again 3x higher than any other past statistic.

    And 1 billion Scientologists are auditing 50 billion clams that get baked in the sun each year. The new emeter has two GAT III steel sticks that can be stuck into their mouths.They are a bit snappy sometimes, but all in all they are definitely winning. After session they are brought to the examiner.

    The freezone has joined the Church of Scientology. The reunification was necessary to only have 2.5% declared SPs.

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