1 madman, 2.5 wives, 7 children, 2.5% out of control, not a single cure?

Henry VIII

Henry VIII (Photo credit: Okevolverphoto)

“OT VIII” is going to be renamed to “OT Henry VIII”. The cult spokesman said it would fit better and also expresses admiration for Henry’s 6 women. Hubbard CLEARly tried HARD to marry more often, but somehow he could not make it due to an SP in his vicinity. Nevertheless he had far more children than Henry. Therefore Hubbard’s dick wins! Otherwise the new name would be “Henry OT VIII” rather than “OT Henry VIII”. Makes sense, right?

Yes, this is no typo! 2.5 wives!  Kind of MagiCavige, who also let his wife Shelly disappear some time ago. I know the story is not new. All I am trying to achieve with this post is to summarize what was going on in LRH’s family and see if he was a better human being than us. Let’s have a closer look at our prototype Scientologist and messiah. If you have been SP declared recently, you might not know much about LRH’s family at all. You most likely expected that this super, mega, giga OT and inventor of the PTS/SP-tech was able to deal with his own children and wives. Well, let’s see.

Within the cult LRH’s biography is very one-sided. Artfully Hubbard is made a superhero who was a master mariner, pilot, photographer, author, explorer, musician, philosopher, philanthropist … There is hardly any single hint that he was insane, took drugs, lied, betrayed and harassed people or deprived them of money, time, sleep … (for practical reasons I am not going to list all accusations here 😉 ) When you hear Hubbards real biography for the first time you are most likely going to reject the truth. Do your homeworks! Investigate! You are a free being, you are allowed to inform yourself and you are allowed to KNOW! Scientology is the “study of truth”, the cult says. Let’s assume it is true, nevertheless Hubbard is the study of OMG.

Within the cult practically all information about this madman is exaggerated or invented. This is basically achieved by using half-truths or outright lies.  Surely you cannot find anything about his disappearance. Members could ask questions, so it is better to avoid these dark periods and not mention them at all.
The cult of Scientology is pretty good at repeating constantly “not a single cure” when it comes to psychiatry. Could it be that they are accusing others of what they are doing? Could it be that there is some basic truth in Hubbards PTS/SP technology.
I mean Hubbard really knew SPs very well … he was one!

Fact is: All children except Diana were or are SPs. Have you ever read about this in the cult? No? How come?
Such statement would definitely be harmful for the cult. Even Mary Sue, Hubbards 2.5th wife, was not declared SP. She was offered the OT levels, but was constantly escorted by cult SP watchdogs. She barely left her house until her death in year 2002. What a fate! But let’s have a closer look at the each of the family members now:

1st, OT XV, 13.03.1911 – 24.01.1986, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

1st, son of Polly, 05.05.1934 – 16.09.1991, Ronald Edward Hubbard Jr. (nickname Nibs, changed his last name to DeWolf to distanciate himself from his father in 1972)
2nd, daughter of Polly, 15.01.1936 – now?, Katherine May Hubbard (nickname Kay, *Gillespie, *Hollister)
3rd, daughter of Sara, 08.03.1950 – now – , Alexis Valerie Hubbard (*Northrup)
4th, daughter of Mary Sue, 24.09.1952 – now, Diana Meredith DeWolf Hubbard (*Ryan, *Horwich)
5th, son of Mary Sue, 06.01.1954 – 12.11.1976, Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard
6th, daughter of Mary Sue, 13.02.1955 – now, Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard (*Titmus, *White)
7th, son of Mary Sue, 06.06.1958 – now, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard

1st wife, 22.09.1907 – ??.??.1963, married from 13.04.1933 – 01.06.1947 or 24.12.1947, Margaret Louise Grubb (nickname Polly)
1.5nd wife, 08.04.1924 – 19.12.1997, married from 10.08.1946 to 12.06.1951, Sara Elizabeth Northrup (*Hollister)
2.5rd wife, 17.06.1931 – 25.11.2002, married from 03.1952 to 24.01.1986, Mary Sue Whipp



Once in our Org we had someone on stage who told us that a psychiatrist had totally lost his creditability by calling our kingpin “shizophrenic”. The guy said that the master had been remotely analysed by that psych who had “just” read books about Hubbard. Everyone was laughing and clapping the hands. Not me, I felt weird. I was quite new and could not understand why “we” had to make fun of others. Someone first assured me I would understand it someday, but then wrote a knowledge report about me. It kicked me more or less out of the whole organisation, I never recovered emotionally from the report and stayed critical and alert to some degree. I knew that such reports were written in countries of harsh suppression only. No argument could convince me that there is something good about such reports. Today I fully agree with that psych. The incident tells me how easy it is to manipulate people. I watched reports on several sects. And surely the ease to fool humans scares the shit out of me!

1st Nibs
Nibs is not only the oldest, but also the most documented child. He already knew his father long enough before Scientology even kicked off. Probably not all of his words were necessarily true,  nevertheless his explanations were consistent with the whole concept of our bloody messiah. Nibs turned against his father on TV. He also contributed to a devastating book called “Messiah or Madman” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Ron_Hubbard:_Messiah_or_Madman%3F). Obviously he was one of the worst SPs ever for the cult. Nibs had six children, he kept all his family out of Scientology.

2nd Kay
Kay was written out of the first and second will but not out of the final will. There is nothing important about her. She is not mentioned a lot and the only thing that is important for us is that she is not a member of the cult.

3rd Alexis
Poor girl, Hubbard has never acknowledged her as an offspring in his wills. Alexis took her stepfather’s surname, Hollister. In Hubbards final will he acknowledged all but Alexis (http://home.earthlink.net/~snefru/deathoflrh/1986.html). I personally do not believe that Hubbard wrote his last will himself. He was totally bonkers at that time, definitely unable to think clearly. Internet rumors say that Alexis has been in the cult years after, but has left for good after a while.
Alexis was kidnapped by Hubbard when she was still a baby. Hubbard tried to gain control over his 1.5th wife Sara, who was about to blow the whistle on him.
Excerpts from the book “Bare Faced Messiah”:

“Hubbard did not go off into the desert alone. He had other plans: he was going to get Sara committed before she committed him. But first he had to kidnap Alexis.”
“…and he was stuck in Cuba with Alexis and he had no idea what to do with her.”
“The Commodore was soon embroiled in another domestic drama of a different, and totally unexpected, nature. He received word from Los Angeles that his daughter Alexis was trying to make contact with him. Now twenty-one years old, Alexis lived with her mother and stepfather, Miles Hollister, on the Hawaiian island of Maui.”
“Hubbard wrote Alexis in a letter that Alexis’s father was Jack Parsons. He also mentioned that her mother had been a Nazi spy during the Second World War and suggested that the divorce action was a spurious ploy on her part to win control of Scientology.”

4th Diana
Diana is still involved, she is the only Hubbard left inside the cult. It is said that her attitude towards David Miscavige is not good at all (eg. http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/diana-hubbard-horwich/).
Her daughter Roanne (*Horwich,*Leake) is out though (http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/tag/roanne-leake/), which means Diana is most likely disconnected from her.
To me it seems that Diana has a terrible attitude towards others because of her self-importance. I guess it is her overts that make her stay. She cannot leave, she has gone too far. Well, I could have said the same about Marty and Mike  (https://barefacedmessiah.wordpress.com/tag/wernher-von-braun/). Thus we might see her leave anyway someday.
Let’s see what the “Bare Faced Messiah” says:

“Of the four Hubbard children on the ship, only Diana had so far been appointed an officer in the Sea Org. She was a ‘lieutenant commander’ at the age of sixteen and wore a uniform with a mini-skirt and a peaked hat, habitually perched on the back of her head in order not to muss her long auburn hair.”
“Diana was perhaps the least liked of the Hubbard children, certainly as far as John McMaster was concerned.”
“‘I began to seethe. I was made to stand immediately below the “royal family” and Diana comes down and stands in front of me and reads out a list of my crimes, things like trying to take over and undermining this and that. It was all lies. I was so mad I nearly picked her up and threw her overboard. Then she chants, “We cast your sins and errors to the waves and hope you will arise a better thetan.””
“Diana, the eldest, had inherited her father’s self-confidence and was least affected by his lack of regard. Then eighteen she was one of the Commodore’s staff Aides, who formed the senior management body directly under Hubbard. She was engaged to another Sea Org officer and had a reputation on board for being cold and authoritarian, although she was much admired by the messengers for her long auburn hair, her beauty and her status; they called her ‘Princess Diana’.”

5th Quentin
Quentin had the saddest story of all. He simply could not escape from his dad. He had to be the Class XII auditor that he never wanted to be. Why was he not allowed to be himself? It is very sad that Scientology stigmatizes gay people as 1.1 (=covert hostile), more or less the worst people in the world. And LRH could not cure him, he could not handle him, all his OT-powers failed!
Some excerpts from the book “Bare Faced Messiah” quickly summarize his sad life:

“Quentin, who was 14, was supposed to be an auditor but could summon up little interest compared to his teenage passion for aeroplanes: he was often to be seen walking along the deck with both arms outstretched, wheeling and diving in some imaginary dogfight, lips vibrating to simulate appropriate engine noises.”
“Doreen ran to the Commodore’s cabin and said ‘Quentin’s taken some pills.’ Hubbard did not need it spelled out. He told Doreen to fetch some mustard from the galley and mixed it into a drink which
he made Quentin gulp down. The boy vomited repeatedly and was taken to the sick bay to recover. His father sent down a message that as soon Quentin was well enough to leave the sick bay, he
was to be assigned to the RPF.”
“Diana’s marriage was in trouble, Quentin was supposed to be working for the org in Clearwater but was constantly absent, reckless Suzette was dating ‘wogs’ and Arthur had dropped out of the California Institute of the Arts after gentle Jim Dincalci had pulled strings to get him a place.”
“Quentin had been found in Las Vegas at 0832 hours on 28 October, slumped over the steering wheel of a white Pontiac parked off Sunset Road alongside the perimeter fence of McCarran Airport at the end of the north-south runway. All the car windows were rolled up and a white vacuum cleaner tube led from the passenger’s vent window to the exhaust tail pipe. Tissue papers had been stuffed into the window opening around the tube and the car’s engine was still running.”
“‘When they found out Quentin was here, I was told to get hold of all his medical files. There was apparently evidence that he had a homosexual encounter shortly before he was found and they didn’t want anything like that to get out. There was a girl Scientologist working in the hospital in a very secure position and she got all the reports on Quentin and gave them to me and I handed them over to the Guardian’s Office”

6th Suzette
Not much is known about Suzette. The internet is full of rumors. Supposedly she also is out of the cult and got sued. Well, well, we know this standard pattern.
Suzette expressed anger at exclusion from Hubbard’s death, and may have received a settlement through her mother.

7th Arthur
Arthur was out maybe 20 years ago and Suzette nearly as long. He is an artists painting decadent pictures. His biography and role seems to be of much less importance than all others. He was said to have been hidden away in Happy Valley for a year after the death of his father, when he asked to leave the Sea Org.
When I asked for Arthur in the cult they told me that he would be a member of the church. I did not believe them and asked to meet him. The answer was that he would not want to meet people all the time as there are too many requests to see him. What a f…… lie that was! I knew it immediately, they just tried to keep me away, so I would never find out the truth.

1st wife, Polly
Polly was the sanest of all. No wonder LRH could not stay with her. She was a heartful person that tried to get on with what was given. I’d say she was a tragic person, deeply disappointed, used and exploited. Hubbard, how dare you! Polly played a major part in Hubbard’s life, nevertheless she is not mentioned in official church of Scientology biographies. Furthermore Hubbard said in a British television interview that he had only been married twice and had four children (actually seven; he was counting only those he had had with his third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and omitted mentioning his marriage to Sara Northrup Hollister):

HUBBARD: “How many times have I been married? I’ve been married twice. And I’m very happily married just now. I have a lovely wife, and I have four children. My first wife is dead.”
INTERVIEWER: “What happened to your second wife?”
HUBBARD: “I never had a second wife.”

2nd wife, Sara
Wikipedia is giving a pretty well worded résumé, here an excerpt:

“Sara Northrup was a major figure in the Pasadena branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), a society founded by the English occultist Aleister Crowley. From 1941 to 1945 she had a turbulent relationship with John Whiteside Parsons, the head of the Pasadena OTO, who was married to her sister Helen. Although she was a committed member of the OTO, to whom she was known as “Soror [Sister] Cassap”, she acquired a reputation for disruptiveness that prompted Crowley to denounce her as a “vampire”.
She began a relationship with L. Ron Hubbard, whom she met through the OTO, in 1945. It led to the couple eloping with a substantial amount of Parsons’ life savings and marrying bigamously a year later while Hubbard was still married to his first wife Margaret. Sara played a significant role in the development of Dianetics, Hubbard’s “modern science of mental health”, between 1948 and 1951, during which time she was Hubbard’s personal auditor and one of the seven members of the Dianetics Foundation’s Board of Directors, alongside Hubbard himself. However, their marriage broke up in extremely acrimonious circumstances amid accusations of kidnapping and Communist plots, which prompted lurid headlines in the Los Angeles newspapers. She subsequently married one of Hubbard’s former employees, Miles Hollister, and moved to Hawaii and later Massachusetts.
It is worthwhile to read the full wiki page. The story about Hubbards devilish fraud regarding “Allied Enterprises” gives a good insight what
kind of personality Sara and Hubbard were. The kidnapping of Alexis then just adds to it seamlessly like butter on toast.”

3rd wife, Mary Sue
She was a cold hearted, a calculating wife. With 20 years younger than Hubbard himself you definitely had one of these celebrity relationships. Mary Sue was imprisoned for the infamous operation/infiltration “Snow White”, which was a scandal that had nearly shut down the cult. After her release from the federal prison in Kentucky she disappeared and spend the rest of her life virtually locked away in her home. There was no way to officially declare her as an SP (and mention her name), and there was no way to let her show up in the cult again.


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