To squirrel or not to squirrel?

Shakespeare, my good old friend. 400 years later and we still haven’t answered that question. I actually wanted to publish a different post today. But after reading Marty’s latest post I decided to squeeze this tiny one in.

It seems that not only the church will fall apart, we might also see a similar fortune overwhelming the independent Scientologists. We see groups appearing and disappearing. One of the most famous ones was David Mayo’s “Advanced Ability center”.

What I want to point out here again is the fact that LRH himself was evil. His technology does not work the way he described it. David Miscavige is changing the technology inside the church secretly and gets attacked for it. The freezone (to group the non church movements somehow) does pretty much the same. They are more open about it, but still claim that all is fine and it is Mr. Mythcabbage who is the SP. Nobody wants to see the real “why” which is Hubbard himself. Well, I should say the real “who” 😉 . Now they start fighting. They are all blinded by Hubbard.

I strongly believe that Scientology cannot survive unless you take the sweet raisins out of the loaf and throw away what is left. The basement is wobbly. So the question is not how to apply KSW. It should be: To KSW or not to KSW? This quickly leads us to: To squirrel or not to squirrel?
Which leads to: To be or not to be?

The “Independent Scientology” movement is having good intentions. The founders have their ideas and I am sure they had their considerations why they start copying the cult. Most likely they are applying Hubbard’s dogmas. Applying them destroys Scientology and not applying them brings Scientology to a natural end. Any better solution here? Any solution at all? I guess not.

What we need is more splinter groups. Some will survive. History has corrected itself constantly. And this is due to our human nature. Tyranny, dictators and kings disappeared, it has always been just a matter of time. So there is some truth in Hubbard’s words here: Man is basically good and there is hope.

Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “To squirrel or not to squirrel?

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  2. L Ron was more than evil. He thought he was the Devil himself. He was exactly the opposite of what he described in the “Code of Honour” he never had a friend, he betrayed all of them and his wives too. He didn’t take any responsibility for snow white and let Mary Sue take the fall for it. The abuses didn’t start with Miscavige, L Ron had a sadistic pleasure in over-boarding people from upper decks of the Apollo.

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