Does Scientology make you paranoid?


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To answer this question properly we have to understand Hubbard himself. This guy had committed a lot of sins, they are called “Overts” in Scientologese. I sometimes love to compare Hubbard with Stalin and Hitler. To some degree all three died in agony, they were paranoid and  in the long run they saw only disloyal people around them. For sure all three had real enemies standing behind each tree or corner.
The more suppressive you are the more people try to get rid of you. So there is some truth to their paranoia. The threats were not just of a purely theoretical nature.

Here is an excerpt from “Bare Faced Messiah”  (my favourite book):
Early next morning Hubbard apprised his travelling companions that they were going to drive the 1200 miles to New York, but they were going to ditch the Cadillac because it was too noticeable. He gave Douglas $5000 to go out and buy another car; Douglas returned an hour later with a secondhand Chevrolet hatchback, big enough for their suitcases and suitably nondescript. They left immediately.
‘We were on the road for three or four days,’ said Kima. ‘It was a horrendous trip. He sat in the back smoking cigarettes like mad and every time he saw a police car he’d scream, “There they are, they’re after us!” We had to keep turning off the highways and freeways, stopping continually, to avoid police cars. We went through some real hokey places. One time he got out of the car and started beating the roof with frustration. I said to him very quietly, “Get back in the car, sir. Everything’s all right .”

This is just one source. Fortunately we find many other references about Hubbard in TV reports and books. The book “Bare Faced Messiah” is full of paranoia and evil, that is for sure.

But what is my personal opinion about all this?
I completed the PTS/SP course. After that I had really changed. I saw evil everywhere. Honestly, I had become an idiot. And it took months before someone said to me: “Not below each stone you will find a monster.”
This guy did upset me – oh yes he did. A week after I reconsidered what he had said. And in fact he had enlightened me! He was right, I had become paranoid. I saw “low tone activities” all the time. I guess some are more affected, some are less. I had to change my thought patterns! Although there was some truth in what I could now observe, it obviously destroyed me when using these goggles of evil too much. The way out was to accept mistakes of others. Some tolerance, not too much, but still quite a lot. This is the absolute opposite of what LRH taught. He constantly claimed people had an “evil purpose” or “evil intentions” … same as David Miscavige these days. And you should not wonder why Sea Org members were assigned to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) these days for burning food or other minor problems of life.

When I was part of the cult there was one thought that chased me at all times. Could someone get the idea that I am PTS. Oh dear, I remember that one very well. At least once a week I could feel this fear. It would cost so much time, effort and money to get out of such state. Therefore I never wanted to get even close to it.

  • I was not disseminating, therefore I was PTS.
  • My mum said something against Scientology, so I was PTS.
  • I did not show up at the Ethics office, because I disagreed, so I was PTS.
  • Someone behind the Emeter yelled at me while I was holding the cans in an interview. He then told me he wanted to help me. I ended up in Ethics, PTS accusations.
  • I did not want to convert my dad, so I was PTS.
  • I did not want to help with useless and time wasting actions, so I was PTS.
  • I looked up Scientology on the internet, so I was on “enemy lines” and had an evil purpose. PTS!
  • I watched reports about Scientology on TV, enemy lines again. PTS!
  • I asked for evidence regarding electro shocks in year 2000, I was in “doubt condition” … ethics handling needed. PTS?
  • I do not believe that all psychiatrists are bad. I did not clap my hands and laughed.
    That one was funny by the way. Once I was sitting next to an old man/dentist at Flag. Amongst more than 2000 people, we were pretty much the only ones not standing up and clapping our hands when David Miscavige was presenting his propaganda. I think that was no coincidence. We must have found each other spiritually.  😉
    On the next day we both met in Ethics. We had arrived on the same day and had shared so much already.

Yes, I was PTS and I did not dare to say anything despite constantly having such thoughts in my head 24/7. I could have said correctly that I was PTS to Scientologists. In that case I would have been an SP. Was there a choice?

So what is my verdict now?
I was paranoid!
And “Yes”, Scientology makes you paranoid!
If you study Scientology with enough distance to the materials then this does not have to be the case. I have no experience with Scientology outside the church. I have visited Ron’s Org twice. The atmosphere was great, people were open to thoughts. So we might have to differentiate here.

My wife thinks I do belong to 2.5% of the most evil people of the world. That is on the same level as Adolf Hitler, Debbie Cook (Captain of the Flag Land Base), Wendy Honnor (Freedom Medal winner) and Jentzsch Heber (President of the Church of Scientology International).
Guess what! She is holding a minimum distance between us, does not dare to talk and runs away whenever she sees me. That is confronting evil and communication on the highest level: Tone 40!


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