The Mecca of Thought Control

Ausschwitz B-W / Vorsicht Color

Ausschwitz B-W / Vorsicht Color (Photo credit: bramloquet)

My first entry is a quick quote from Marty Rathbun’s blog.
It actually is a rough summary of what happened to me.
Well, my problem was that I have always been conservative.
So I was too open minded, cautious, and in cult terms “PTS”.
Clearly, you need to get rid of open minded people.
They are dangerous, they are not buying everything.
Nice word game though :’)

Able and quite happy to carry out meaningless, expensive orders
until one’s savings are depleted,
one’s family is sundered,
and one’s integrity is non-existent.

Able to listen to, duplicate and believe hours of David Miscavige’s tortured, misquoted tidbits of L Ron Hubbard writings to make them stand for precisely the opposite of what they were intended to achieve.


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